TopLang File Pulverizer 6.0.2


Free Download TopLang File Pulverizer for Windows PC. This tool offers a robust solution to erase your files and folders, safeguarding your privacy securely. Whether it's sensitive documents on your hard drive, external disks, floppy disks, or SD cards, it ensures that your private files and folders remain unrecoverable once deleted.

Overview of TopLang File Pulverizer

It goes beyond the capabilities of the standard Windows Format tool, recognizing the potential vulnerabilities in merely formatting a disk. Even after using the Windows tool, data can still be recovered, posing a risk to your privacy. This tool addresses this issue by providing the Erase Disk tool, a feature designed to thoroughly wipe the contents of disk drives. This ensures that any information on those disks is permanently erased, leaving no room for data recovery.

Erase Your Files and Folders Securely

One of the software's key features is its ability to erase files and folders securely. While files deleted by Windows might still be recoverable through file recovery tools, it ensures complete eradication. Once deleted using this tool, your files and folders are rendered unrecoverable, offering a robust defense against potential privacy breaches. This extends to various storage media, including hard disk drives, external disks (USB, eSATA), floppy disks, and SD cards.

Erase Disk Contents with Confidence

Unlike the Windows Format tool, which fails to erase disk contents thoroughly, its Erase Disk tool guarantees a comprehensive wipe. This feature supports various types of storage media, including hard disk partitions, floppy disks, external disks, SD cards, and other portable media. The tool goes beyond just formatted disks; it can erase the raw contents, leaving no chance for the recovery of your private data.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 100MB or more recommended


TopLang File Pulverizer is a reliable solution to ensure the secure erasure of your files and folders. With its advanced features, including the Erase Disk tool, it goes beyond the capabilities of standard tools, providing peace of mind regarding permanently deleting sensitive data.


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