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Free download TopLang Desktop Lock Business Latest full version - Protects your computer from unwanted access.


Free Download TopLang Desktop Lock Business for Windows PC. This software provides a Virtual Screen tool to help create virtual desktops to limit using only the programs you specified.

Overview of TopLang Desktop Lock Business

It introduces a powerful Virtual Screen tool that revolutionizes how users interact with their desktop environment. Moreover, a new lock mode lets users keep the screen updated while the system is locked, allowing for continuous display of running programs, videos, or PowerPoint files. It goes beyond traditional desktop locking mechanisms with features like a powerful Virtual Screen tool and a unique lock mode.

A Powerful Virtual Screen Tool

The standout feature of the software is its Virtual Screen tool. This tool allows users to create virtual desktops tailored to specific programs. Like a physical desktop, the virtual counterpart includes a taskbar, a start menu, and listed programs. The innovation lies in its ability to restrict users to only those programs specified on the virtual desktop.

Users have the flexibility to define multiple profiles, each representing a unique virtual desktop with its set of specified programs. This flexibility empowers administrators to create customized desktop environments, limiting users to designated applications. Whether it's restricting gaming, internet browsing, or other activities, the Virtual Screen tool proves to be a robust solution.

New Lock Mode

It introduces a novel lock mode, allowing an uninterrupted display of programs, videos, or presentations even when the system is locked. In this mode, the keyboard and mouse are locked, preventing user interaction with the system while the screen remains active. This feature is especially beneficial for scenarios where continuous playback or display is crucial.

This unique lock mode enhances the user experience by allowing specific applications to run without the risk of unauthorized access or interference. It caters to various situations, from presentations in professional settings to personal preferences in entertainment.

Virtual Screen Beyond Programs

The versatility of the Virtual Screen tool extends beyond listing programs. It can include various items on its desktop, further enhancing its utility. Users can list documents, shortcuts, internet shortcuts, and even URLs. This broadens the scope of the software, making it a comprehensive solution for managing and securing desktop environments.

The Virtual Screen tool is a versatile asset, whether you need to limit access to specific documents, create shortcuts for quick access, or control internet browsing by specifying URLs.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 100MB or more recommended


TopLang Desktop Lock Business offers a cutting-edge solution for secure desktop management. Integrating the Virtual Screen tool and the new lock mode sets it apart from traditional desktop locking software. Whether you're a business looking to control employee access or an individual seeking a more secure desktop experience, this edition provides the features needed for efficient and customized desktop security.


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