IRedSoft JBatch It 7.11


Free Download IRedSoft JBatch for Windows. It is a full version of a standalone offline installer for Windows. A Windows-based GUI Batch Image Processor handles the popular image format.

Overview of IRedSoft JBatch It

It is a Windows-based GUI Batch Image Processor that handles the popular image format, JPEG. JPEG is the format for storing and displaying 24 bits (actual color) of photorealistic images. Digital cameras and website displays widely use this. It can also work with JPEG 2000, BMP, PNG, Single Page TIFF, and GIF Images.

It is made to be a simple-to-use program. All you need to do is load the images, set the necessary conversion processes, click ‘Start,’ and let it do all the work. You will have accomplished what would have taken hours or days to achieve in minutes. You can change filenames, resize images, add text captions, rotate images, and use JBatch. It can handle it for you with ease. Now, it supports Unicode Filename, Folder, and Text Caption, too.

Features of IRedSoft JBatch It

  • Batch Upsizing and Downsizing of JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF Images with and without keeping image dimension ratios.
  • Supports Downsizing by Pixels, Upsizing by Pixels, Resizing by Percentage, Resizing by Cropping, Resizing by Frame, and Resizing by Preset Ratios.
  • It supports Resizing by Frame, so you can have all your images in a fixed dimension while retaining the picture aspect ratio.
  • Add Text Captions or Copyright Tags onto the images or a created border horizontally or vertically. The caption can be standard text, or you could individually tag different captions for each photo.
  • Supports Text Captions Alignment, which includes Diagonal, Top Left, Top Middle, Top Right, Center Left, Center Middle, Center Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right, Vertical Leftdownn, Vertical Left BottomUp, Vertical Rightdownn, and Vertical Right BottomUp. It also supports adding Random Alignments of the Text Captions. You can set the Text Caption Transparency using the slider to adjust its opacity or transparency.
  • Supports Macro text in Text Captions. The macro options include original andnewwfilenamese with and without captions, as well as the date and date.
  • Supports Drop Shadow in the Text Captions.
  • Supports Applying Image Effects,s which include Sharpen, Blur, Old Photo, embossing, Negative, Sepia, - - - - Grayscale, Equalizing, Drop Shadow, Red Eye Removal, and adding Round Corners.
  • Load JPEG, PNG, GIF, Single Page TIFF, and BMP Images
  • It supports the loading of images by selecting single or multiple files and folders with or without subfolders and dragging and dropping photos.
  • Save the processed images to JPEG, PNG, PNG, TIFF, JPEG 2000, BMP, and GIF.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:IRedSoft JBatch It 7.10
File Name:IRedSoft JBatch It 7.09
File Name:IRedSoft JBatch It 7.05
File Name:IRedSoft Jbatch It 6.98


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