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Free download TexturePacker3D 1.1.3 Latest full version - Combine your 3D model textures into texture atlases.


Free Download CodeAndWeb TexturePacker3D for Windows PC. It is a powerful tool designed to simplify and optimize texture management for 3D models. 

Overview of TexturePacker3D

It offers a range of features that can enhance your workflow and improve the overall performance of your 3D projects. Let's explore some of its key capabilities.

Efficient Texture Combining

One of the tool's standout features is its ability to combine the textures of your 3D models into shared atlases. This process significantly reduces memory usage and speeds up rendering. By grouping textures, you save valuable system resources and streamline the rendering process for smoother and more responsive experiences.

Customizable Output

It puts you in control by allowing you to choose the number of output textures and their sizes. This level of customization ensures that your textures fit your project's specific constraints perfectly. Additionally, the software can automatically scale textures to match your requirements, saving you the hassle of manual adjustments.

Preservation of Models and Meshes

When using the tool, you can rest assured that your 3D models and meshes remain intact. The tool updates only the UVs (texture coordinates), ensuring that your models' geometry and structure stay unaffected. This preservation of your original assets is vital for maintaining the integrity of your 3D project.

Consolidation and Optimization

It empowers you to consolidate textures used in a model into one texture atlas or more if needed. This consolidation simplifies your project's texture management and reduces the overhead of handling multiple textures separately. Moreover, you can extract the necessary textures from a model if it relies on a shared texture atlas, giving you complete control over your assets.

Superior Texture Scaling

Scaling textures and models to achieve the best quality for the smallest texture size is essential for optimal performance. Its scaling capabilities ensure that your textures look great while keeping file sizes in check. This is crucial for mobile game development and VR experiences where performance is paramount.

Streamlined Material Handling

Managing materials in 3D projects can be complex, but this tool simplifies the process by combining and optimizing materials. This means fewer material assignments and a more efficient workflow, resulting in a smoother development experience.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB or more
  • Hard Disk Space: 200MB for installation
  • Graphics Card: OpenGL 2.1 or higher


TexturePacker3D simplifies texture management for 3D developers. Its ability to combine textures into atlases, customize output, preserve models, consolidate textures, and optimize materials offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your 3D projects. By choosing the tool, you're saving time and resources and elevating the quality and performance of your 3D creations.


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