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Free download CodeAndWeb SpriteIlluminator 1.6.2 Latest full version - Normal map editor for 2D dynamic lighting.


Free Download CodeAndWeb SpriteIlluminator for Windows PC. This powerful tool allows you to create mesmerizing light effects typically seen in 3D games and apply them to your 2D game. Whether you're working with Phaser, PixiJS, Unity, Godot, or other game engines supporting normal mapped sprites, it has covered you.

Overview of CodeAndWeb SpriteIlluminator

It is a game-changer for developers seeking to elevate the visual appeal of their 2D games. It enables you to harness the magic of 3D lighting effects within your 2D game environment. But how does it work, and what exactly is a normal map?

How does it work?

In the realm of 2D games, achieving realistic lighting effects can be a challenging task. It simplifies this process by introducing normal maps. A normal map is an image where each pixel corresponds to a pixel in your sprite. However, the crucial information lies in these pixels' red, green, and blue channels, representing the direction each sprite pixel faces.

How does the light effect work in my game?

For this tool to work, it requires a game engine built on 3D technology, like OpenGL, WebGL, Metal, Vulcan, or DirectX. Unfortunately, it won't function with pure 2D renderers like Canvas-based engines for the web. The good news is that many popular game engines, including Phaser, PixiJS, Unity, and Godot, offer native support for normal mapped sprites. However, some engines like cocos2d-x may require custom shaders to render these sprites effectively.

How do I create a normal map?

Creating a normal map may sound daunting, but this tool streamlines the process. While you can manually craft simple normal maps using painting tools like Photoshop or Affinity Photo, this approach can be time-consuming and lacks real-time feedback.

Enhance Normal Maps

The tool automatically generates normal maps based on your sprite's transparency, creating an inflated surface effect. It utilizes color differences to accentuate the structure of the surface, simplifying the entire process. Additionally, you can use painting tools like AngleBrush, Smooth, and HeightBrush to refine your normal maps further. The StructureBrush tool even allows you to give your surface a reptilian, furry, or cracked appearance, offering endless possibilities for customization.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Game engine supporting 3D technology (OpenGL, WebGL, Metal, Vulcan, DirectX)
  • Compatible with game engines like Phaser, PixiJS, Unity, and Godot (with varying degrees of native support)
  • Painting software (optional) for manual normal map creation


CodeAndWeb SpriteIlluminator is a game developer's dream come true. It empowers you to infuse your 2D games with captivating 3D lighting effects, breathing life into your game world. Its intuitive normal map creation process and various painting tools at your disposal make complex tasks seem like child's play.


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