Free Download ACAPsoft Volt for Windows PC. It is a versatile and efficient utility that can help you optimize your computer's power usage, automate shutdowns, and monitor your laptop's battery state.

Overview of ACAPsoft Volt

It is a powerful software solution to streamline your computer's power management. It offers a wide range of features that make it an essential tool for any Windows PC user looking to save energy and enhance their computer's efficiency.

Quick Shutdown

It allows you to set various power events in the tray menu. You can choose which ones to display, making it convenient to access essential power options. Moreover, it lets you configure shutdowns to provide warnings for a specified time before executing the action, request confirmation, or perform an instant shutdown. You can schedule shutdowns up to two weeks in advance, with the option to set a wake-up time for hibernation or suspension events. If you change your mind, scheduled shutdowns can be easily canceled. Additionally, you can force shutdowns for programs that don't close quickly.

Command-Line Shutdown

With its command-line shutdown feature, you can create custom links, including on your desktop, to trigger power events by running a file. This feature supports all shutdown and suspend functions, including remote shutdown of another computer. You can customize and override the default command-line shutdown type with command-line options. You can set variable time warnings or delays for shutdowns to provide flexibility.

Idle Shutdown

The tool intelligently monitors your computer usage and can automatically power off your system when it detects inactivity based on keyboard and mouse usage. It supports all power states, including shutdown, suspend, and hibernate. You can even set a resume time after hibernation or suspension, ensuring your computer is ready when you return, whether for checking emails or any other task. It also keeps a log of shutdown events for your reference.

Battery Monitor

For laptop users, it offers a flexible battery monitoring feature. You can customize the position of the battery monitor on your screen and adjust its appearance frequency. You also have the option to keep it always displayed, providing you with real-time information about your laptop's battery status.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or later


ACAPsoft Volt is a must-have tool for Windows PC users seeking to optimize power management, automate shutdowns, and monitor laptop battery status. Its versatile features, including quick shutdowns, command-line control, idle shutdown, and battery monitoring, make it a valuable addition to any computer. With this tool, you can achieve energy efficiency and convenience while keeping your computer ready for action whenever needed.


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