ACAPsoft SmEdit 1.9


Free Download ACAPsoft SmEdit for Windows PC. Its compact yet powerful text editor defies its size by offering many features. This highly configurable software can adapt to your needs, making it a versatile and fast-loading text editor suitable for various tasks. What sets it apart is its unique design that allows you to customize everything from font selection to context menus, making it an indispensable tool for developers and writers.

Overview of ACAPsoft SmEdit

Its versatility is evident in its feature set, which includes:

  • Auto Formatting: It automatically selects fonts, text, and background colors and enables word wrap based on the file's extension. This feature streamlines your editing experience by ensuring the optimal display for each file type.
  • Bookmarks: You can easily mark and navigate through important document sections using bookmarks. This handy tool enhances productivity when working with lengthy texts.
  • Programmable Label Search: This tool offers a programmable label search, allowing you to quickly locate specific elements within your text. This feature is particularly useful for programmers dealing with large code files.
  • Context Menu Customization: Customize the context menu to insert text and run file lists, tailoring the editor to your workflow.
  • Auto File Registration: It automatically registers 12 file types (with the option to customize two additional types) and provides unique descriptive icons for each file type. This makes file management more intuitive and efficient.
  • Optional Toolbar: You can enable or disable the toolbar according to your preference, streamlining the interface for your specific needs.
  • Status Bar: It offers an optional status bar that displays line and column numbers, giving you precise control over your editing process.
  • Tray Minimization: Keep it running in the background with tray minimization, ensuring it's readily available when needed.
  • Document Metrics: The tool provides word, character, letter, number, line, and sentence counts, helping you keep track of your document's statistics.
  • External Modification Notification: Stay informed about any external modifications to your files while working in the tool.
  • Partial Loading: It offers partial loading for exceptionally large files, allowing you to edit specific sections without waiting for the entire document to load.
  • Customizable Toolbar: Tailor the toolbar to your needs, ensuring quick access to essential functions.
  • Unicode Support: It supports Unicode encoding, making it suitable for handling text in various languages and character sets.
  • Customizable Time Insert: Easily insert timestamps into your documents with customizable time format options.
  • Go-to-Line: Quickly navigate to a specific line within your text using the go-to-line feature.
  • Full Search and Replace: Effortlessly find and replace text strings throughout your document, improving editing efficiency.
  • Multimode Auto Save: This tool can automatically save your work in different modes, preventing data loss in case of unexpected interruptions.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 operating system
  • A minimum of 512MB RAM
  • 100MB of free disk space for installation


ACAPsoft SmEdit is a text editor that punches above its weight class, offering a remarkable range of features in a compact package. Whether you're a programmer, writer, or anyone who works with text, its versatility and customization options make it an invaluable tool. Its lightweight design ensures quick loading, while its extensive feature set streamlines your editing tasks.


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