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Free download ACAPsoft Ute 1.9 Latest full version - MultiFunction Command Line Utility.


Free Download ACAPsoft Ute for Windows PC. This compact utility has various features, including time syncing, window shutdown control, wave file playing, delayed/controlled running of programs, CD draw control, file backup, and even wallpaper-changing capabilities.

Overview of ACAPsoft Ute

It is not your average utility tool. It's a powerhouse of functionalities, combining the best Sinner Computing utilities (iTimeSync, Slam, and QWave) with four additional functions (Backup, Run, CD, and Wallpaper). At the same time, it's optimized for command-line control but also offers a user-friendly window mode for tasks like changing wallpaper and time syncing.

Computer Clock Syncing via the Internet

It allows you to sync your computer's clock using the internet precisely. Key features include:

  • One-click time checking and adjustment.
  • Support for both RFC-868 (TIME) and RFC-2030 (SNTP) protocols.
  • A list of 20 predefined time servers, which can be customized.
  • Auto-advancement to the next server in case of failure.
  • Manual IP input options.
  • Fine-tune time syncing with minute and second adjustments.
  • Automatic syncing on Windows startup.
  • Offset adjustment for time zone variations.
  • Detailed logging of errors and successes.
  • Command-line control for seamless integration into scripts.

Random Desktop Wallpaper Changer

Enhance your desktop experience with its wallpaper-changing feature:

  • Supports BMP, JPG, and GIF image formats.
  • Scans directories and subdirectories for suitable wallpaper files.
  • Create image priorities with different directory names.
  • Automatic proportional rescaling of images to fit your screen.
  • Consideration of the taskbar size and position.
  • Logging of wallpaper changes and timestamps.
  • Command-line control for setting desktop or boot wallpapers.
  • Select specific images via the command line for a quick change.

Backup Functionality

Ensure the safety of your important files with its backup feature:

  • Copy changed files to a designated directory.
  • Maintain a database to track file changes.
  • Easy access to backed-up files without special software.
  • Multi-staged backup, allowing you to store up to 10 change states.

QWave for Quick Sound Playback

Enjoy quick sound playback with the lightweight QWave feature:

  • Play common sound files with a minimal 5.5 KB program.
  • Easily integrate QWave into the file context menu.
  • Terminate playing files via a system tray icon.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later (32-bit)


ACAPsoft Ute is a versatile and user-friendly utility that can streamline various tasks on your Windows PC. Whether you need precise time syncing, convenient wallpaper changes, secure file backups, or quick sound playback, it has covered you.


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