Accounting of Books, CDs, and other Collections 2.01.20

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Free download Accounting of Books, CDs, and other Collections 2.01.20 Latest full version - Manage your books, CDs, and other objects.


Free Download Temia Accounting of Books, CDs, and other Collections for Windows PC. It efficiently organizes and manages your collections, from books to CDs. It provides a user-friendly interface allowing you to categorize each item individually, aligning them with specific categories and subcategories.

Overview of Accounting of Books, CDs, and other Collections

It is a versatile software designed to streamline the management of diverse collections. It offers a comprehensive platform where users can efficiently organize and catalog various items, ranging from books to CDs and other objects. The program boasts several key features that facilitate effective collection management.

Moreover, the program facilitates adding customized categories, ensuring a tailored organizational system. You can input various details for each item, such as publisher information, book ISBN codes, or CD formats and durations. Additionally, the program allows for defining personalized attributes for items, ensuring a comprehensive and customizable database.

Multidimensional Storage

One significant function is the management of "shelves," enabling you to assign each item to a particular building, room, or box. This functionality offers a comprehensive overview, facilitating easy access to your managed objects.

Individual Characteristics

Each object can be associated with multiple individuals and assigned specific roles, such as author, lead singer for a CD, or other relevant user data. Furthermore, detailed descriptions can be added for each person, including names, birthdates, and photographs.

Import Functionality

The program streamlines importing objects by providing an import function compatible with CSV-format files. This feature allows the seamless data transfer from existing collections in other programs.

Data Security

All program data is stored locally on the computer, ensuring security and privacy. Additionally, the program includes a backup function that prompts regular intervals for data backup, enabling users to securely safeguard their information or transfer it to another computer.

Individual Customization

Users have the flexibility to customize tables within the program, defining displayed columns, widths, sorting types, and filtering criteria. This customizable feature ensures a tailored experience based on specific organizational needs.

Comprehensive Overview and Management

The program facilitates various actions, such as printing or exporting item lists to text files or PDF formats. It also enables users to manage lent items by associating them with contacts from a list. Furthermore, the program provides detailed descriptions of contact persons, including addresses and photographs, providing a holistic overview of lent objects and their return schedules.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 or 11
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB or higher
  • Storage: 500MB of available space
  • Display: 1280x768 resolution or higher


Accounting of Books, CDs, and other Collections provides a user-friendly platform for efficiently managing diverse collections. Its multidimensional storage, customization options, and comprehensive overview features make it an ideal solution for organizing and categorizing various items. With robust security measures and import functionalities, this program ensures a seamless and personalized experience for users seeking to manage their collections effectively.


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