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Free download Langui MHT Viewer for MacOS Latest full version - A handy MHT document viewer/reader.


Free Download Langui MHT Viewer, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a lightweight and efficient app for viewing MHT (MHTML/MIME HTML) documents. Its minimalistic interface and essential features like text zoom and keyboard shortcuts enhance the viewing experience.

Overview of Langui MHT Viewer for macOS

It is a lightweight MHT (MHTML/MIME HTML) document viewer/reader. It is designed to be fast and efficient, providing users with a minimalistic interface for viewing MHT, MHTML, and MHTML files. With features like text zoom, keyboard shortcuts for navigation, and support for exporting pages to PDF/Webarchive, it offers a simple yet effective solution for viewing MHT documents.

Features of Langui MHT Viewer for macOS

  • Lightweight and fast: It is designed to be lightweight and fast, allowing for quick loading and smooth scrolling of MHT documents.
  • Minimal reader user interface: The app's interface is minimalistic, providing users with a clutter-free environment for reading MHT documents.
  • Text zoom: It offers text zoom functionality, allowing users to zoom in, zoom out, or view the text at its actual size for easier reading.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: These include keyboard shortcuts for navigating back, forward, or to the document's home page, enhancing the user experience.
  • Export page to PDF / Webarchive: It allows users to export pages from MHT documents to PDF or Webarchive formats for sharing or archiving purposes.
  • Printing: It supports printing, allowing users to print MHT documents directly from the application.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.10 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


Q: Can I use it to convert MHT files to other formats?
A: It allows you to export pages from MHT files to PDF or Webarchive formats.

Q: Does it support keyboard shortcuts?
A: It includes keyboard shortcuts for navigating and zooming in the document.

Q: Does an internet connection be required to view MHT files?
A: No, it is a standalone application that does not require an internet connection to view MHT files.


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