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Free download EnSili Web2Mac for MacOS Latest full version - Turn any website into a Mac app.


Free Download EnSili Web2Mac, full version standalone offline installer for macOS. This powerful tool allows you to convert any website into a fully functional Mac app seamlessly.

Overview of EnSili Web2Mac for macOS

It simplifies converting websites into Mac apps, offering a user-friendly interface requiring no coding or technical expertise. With just a few clicks, you can transform any website into a standalone application, complete with its icon and dedicated space in your dock. This innovative solution streamlines access to your favorite online destinations and reduces clutter in your browser, allowing for a more focused and organized desktop environment.

Features of EnSili Web2Mac for macOS

  • Easy-to-use
    Just open the Web2Mac and select which website you want
  • Customizable
    Different settings to adjust the final app to your liking
  • Versatile
    You may also select to "install" one of the numerous ready-made apps

How To In 3 simple steps

  • Pick a website
    Add any website, or pick one of the ready-to-install website apps.
  • Set up
    Select your icon & adjust the app to your liking
  • Create the app
    All it takes is one click, and the app will be there for you to run, like a regular app

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 12.0 or later


Q: Can I create multiple Mac apps from the same website using Web2Mac?
A: It allows you to create multiple Mac apps from the same website, each with unique settings and preferences.

Q: Can I convert any website into a Mac app with Web2Mac?
A: It supports most websites, but some complex or heavily interactive sites may not be compatible.

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:Web2Mac 1.2 macOS


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