Nimble Tools Argent Compressor 1.2.0

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Free download Nimble Tools Argent Compressor 1.2.0 Latest full version - Create Industrial Monsters and Dancefloor Bangers.

Free Download Nimble Tools Argent Compressor for Windows PC. This audio plugin is unlike any compressor you have ever used. Designed and tested by metal and electronic artists seeking the next level of pure energy for their music, it takes any sound you give. It transforms it into something truly aggressive, raw, and powerful.

Overview of Nimble Tools Argent Compressor

It is not your ordinary audio compressor. It's a powerhouse that defies conventions, enabling you to shape sound in ways that push boundaries and create remarkable auditory experiences. Whether you're an artist, producer, or sound designer, this plugin opens up a world of possibilities to add intensity and character to your tracks.

Bassline Dominance

Place it on a bassline, propelling it to the forefront of your mix. Feel the rumbling force as the plugin adds weight and impact, making your bassline a true sonic powerhouse.

Reverb Ambiance

Infuse reverb tails with otherworldly depth. Its touch can turn simple reverberations into expansive and immersive sonic landscapes, taking your listeners on a captivating journey through sound.

Drum Distortion

Unleash your inner sonic anarchist by using this plugin on drums. Shape transients, distort rhythms, and redefine drum elements to forge a gritty, edgy, and electrifyingly original mix.

Endless Applications

It defies genre limitations. From crafting industrial monstrosities to forging dancefloor bangers, this plugin's extreme effect can adapt to diverse genres and sonic intentions.


Like a "threshold" knob on traditional compressors, the Range value determines the loudness the plugin engages. The Argent Compressor's influence varies as you adjust it, capturing everything from subtle nuances to bold distortions.


Toggle the Hard Knee setting to control how abruptly the compressor takes effect. Enable it for glitchy, instantaneous impacts, or turn it off for smoother, cleaner transformations.


These controls redefine attack and release parameters, uniquely saturating input sound. Longer attack and shorter release values intensify saturation, reshaping your audio's character.


Activate the Multiband mode to split the input sound into three frequency bands, each individually compressed. Discover new dimensions within your audio, unlocking hidden textures and tones.


Fine-tune multiband crossover values with the CrossOver Lock toggle. Maintain relative distances between bands or independently adjust crossover points for tailored control.


Dive into experimentation with DC Offset or toggle the DC Filters for pre and post-compression adjustments, revealing new sonic dimensions.


Switch between limiter and clipper modes to craft your desired saturation. Tailor your output with precision, allowing you to sculpt the perfect level of distortion.


After compression, fine-tune the output volume with the Trim knob. Achieve optimal levels without compromising the integrity of your audio.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 8.1 and up
  • Plugin Formats: VST3 (Windows 64-bit)


Nimble Tools Argent Compressor is a fierce ally in your pursuit of musical innovation. Its extreme effects and versatile features invite you to explore uncharted territories of sound design, defying convention to craft bold, raw, and captivating audio.


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