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Free download Cherry Audio Harmonia Latest full version - Create rich, evolving polyphonic sounds.

Free Download Cherry Audio Harmonia for Windows PC. It is the latest and most creatively groundbreaking virtual instrument. This innovative software is designed to allow users to effortlessly craft intricate and evolving polyphonic tones, all through an intuitive visual interface.

Overview of Cherry Audio Harmonia

It is a virtual instrument that redefines sound manipulation. It offers various tools that allow producers and musicians to create intricate, rich, and evolving tones. Its two sample-based oscillators use techniques similar to additive synthesis. These oscillators can simultaneously generate up to eight pitches, each finely tuned to a harmonic series or Semitone.

The real magic comes with the flexibility to fix or dynamically adjust the volume of each pitch harmonic. Its standout feature is its interpolated harmonic scanning, which facilitates sweeping transitions and melodious sequences via a single modulatable slider.

Unveiling the Sonic Palette

It draws its unique, organic sound from an expansive collection of sampled waveforms. These waveforms include synthesizers, traditional instruments, voices, and "lo-fi" sounds. The instrument's versatility extends further with the ability to import user samples, broadening its tonal possibilities. Producers can craft distinctive morphed and sequencer-like tones by experimenting with waveform combinations and harmonic presets.

A Deep Dive into Features

It doesn't stop at innovative oscillators. It boasts four syncable polyphonic LFOs, an extensive stereo multimode filter, user-friendly click-and-drag envelopes, and a robust modulation matrix with eight slots for numerous sources and destinations. The instrument accommodates aftertouch, flexible MIDI mapping, and a treasure trove of over 350 meticulously crafted presets. Additionally, it houses 17 studio-quality effects such as distortion, chorus, phaser, echoes, and reverbs, all of which can be dynamically modulated through the modulation matrix.


  • Dual Sample-Based Oscillators: Interpolated scanning harmonic oscillators that offer rich harmonic content.
  • Curated Sample Library: A collection of 285 waveforms across 11 categories, expandable with user-imported samples.
  • Monophonic and Polyphonic Modes: Accommodates both single-voice and multi-voice arrangements.
  • Harmonic and Semitone Modes: Allows sweeping harmonic transitions or sequencer-like melodies.
  • Polyphonic LFOs: Four tempo-syncable LFOs with versatile waveforms and modes.
  • Stereo Multimode Filter: A comprehensive range of filter options for sculpting sound.
  • Modulation Matrix: Eight modulation slots connecting 19 sources to 80 destinations.
  • Studio-Quality Effects: 17 integrated effects, from distortion to reverb, all modulatable.

System Requirements

  • Windows: 7 or above (including Windows 11), 64-bit required.
  • Processor: 3.4 GHz Quad-Core (8GB of RAM recommended).
  • Hard Disk Space: 120 MB.
  • Internet Connection: Required for product activation.


Cherry Audio's Harmonia is a true game-changer in virtual instruments. It offers a platform for unprecedented sound exploration with its advanced oscillators, curated sample library, versatile modes, and extensive modulation capabilities. Whether you're a producer looking to craft otherworldly tones or a musician seeking to enrich your compositions, it has the tools to help you achieve your sonic aspirations.


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