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Free download Google Quick Share 1.0.1637.0 Latest full version - Wireless Sharing with Your PC, Made Easy.

Free Download Google Quick Share (Nearby Share) for Windows PC. This fantastic feature seamlessly transfers content between your PC and other compatible devices.

Overview of Google Quick Share

It is a file-sharing feature that makes sharing content between devices a breeze. It utilizes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct technologies to connect seamlessly between nearby devices, allowing fast and secure file transfers.

Simple Setup

To use it, ensure that both the sending and receiving devices have the feature enabled and are near each other. Then, tap the "Share" button on the content you want to send, select Nearby Share, and choose the target device.

Fast and Efficient

It uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files. It automatically chooses the best transfer method, ensuring optimal speed and efficiency. You can send larger files, such as videos or high-resolution images, without a hitch.

Privacy Controls

Worried about unwanted connections? Fear not! This tool allows you to control who can see your device. You can choose to be visible to all contacts or some contacts or go completely invisible when sharing files.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of fumbling with cables or trying to locate the right sharing app. It streamlines the process, making it incredibly convenient to share content whenever needed.

No Internet Required

Unlike cloud-based sharing solutions, this tool works offline as well. This feature is a game-changer in a remote location with limited internet access.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

It isn't limited to Android devices; it works seamlessly between Windows PCs, Android phones, and Chromebooks, providing a smooth cross-platform experience.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10/11
  • Bluetooth support.
  • Wi-Fi support for optimal file transfer speeds.
  • The latest version of Google Chrome for better compatibility.


Google Quick Share is beneficial and efficient for sharing content between your PC and other devices. Its easy setup, fast transfers, and privacy controls make it a must-have feature for users who frequently share files.


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