Altair Inspire Form 2022.0

Free Download solidThinking Altair Inspire Form 2022 for Windows (formerly solidThinking Click2Form) is a complete stamping simulation environment that product designers can use and process engineers to optimize designs to simulate robust manufacturing and reduce material costs.

Older versions are also available in the "Previous Versions" section; further, you can also FREE download solidThinking Altair Inspire Cast.

Overview of solidThinking Altair Inspire Form Benefits

It enables users to quickly and reliably check the formability of apart early in the product design cycle. With Altair Inspire Form, users can visualize potential defects such as splits or wrinkles and then modify them to eliminate defects and improve the overall design.

Altair Inspire Form has a simple and highly intuitive workflow that is easy to learn and apply. Standard training sessions last only 4-6 hours, although most users can learn Altair Inspire Form applications with no formal training!

With the fast and easy feasibility module, users can analyze parts in seconds to predict formability early in the product development cycle. The automated blank nesting proposes an efficient layout of the flattened blank on the sheet coil to maximize material utilization. The tryout module includes a highly scalable incremental solver, helping users iterate and simulate multi-stage forming, trimming, and spring back in a modern and intuitive user interface, reducing complexity and making high-quality parts more economical.

It predicts accurate blank shapes optimally nested in progressive and transfer die layouts within manufacturing constraints to save material and cost. The user can also specify the stamping direction. It is also possible to apply restraining forces corresponding to the blank holder and draw beads.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: 64-bit only
  • OpenGL graphics card with at least 256 MB of onboard memory
  • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended).
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 10 GB or more

previous version

Additional info
Feb 14th 2022
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2021.2.2 (x64)
Version: 2021.2.2
License: Full_version
Dec 28th 2021
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2021.2.1 (x64)
Version: 2021.2.1
License: Full_version
Sep 25th 2021
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2021.2.0 (x64)
Version: 2021.2.0
License: Full_version
Aug 17th 2021
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2021.1.1 Build 3444 (x64)
Version: 2021.1.1 Build 3444
License: Full_version
Jun 18th 2021
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2021.1.0 Build 3440 (x64)
Version: 2021.1.0 Build 3440
License: Full_version
Mar 11th 2021
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2021.0.1 Build 3212 (x64)
Version: 2021.0.1 Build 3212
License: Full_version
Jan 30th 2021
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2021.0 Build 3207 (x64)
Version: 2021.0 Build 3207
License: Full_version
Sep 26th 2020
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2020.1.1 Build 3004 (x64)
Version: 2020.1.1 Build 3004
License: Full_version
Aug 19th 2020
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2020.01 Build 2838 (x64)
Version: 2020.01 Build 2838
License: Full_version
Jun 6th 2020
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2020.0 Build 2836 (x64)
Version: 2020.0 Build 2836
License: Full_version
Mar 21st 2020
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2019.4 Build 2560 (x64)
Version: 2019.4 Build 2560
License: Full_version
Jul 12th 2019
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2019.2 Build 2120 (x64)
Version: 2019.2 Build 2120
License: Full_version
Mar 31st 2019
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2019.1.1970 (x64) 2019
Version: 2019.1.1970
License: Full_version
Sep 12th 2018
File Name: Altair Inspire Form 2019.1655 Win64 [ENG]
Version: 2019.1655
License: Full_version
Jul 11th 2019
File Name: Altair Inspire Form (ex Click2Form) 2018.2 Win64
Version: 2018.2
License: Full_version


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