Aescripts pt_Multiplane 2.86 for After Effects

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Free download Aescripts pt_Multiplane 2.86 for After Effects Latest full version - Transform your layered design files into dynamic 3D scenes.

Free download Aescripts pt_Multiplane for After Effects for Windows PC. It is a game-changer for motion designers and video editors. This script empowers you to convert your layered design files into dynamic 3D scenes, offering unprecedented control over layer movement on the z-axis while preserving the original camera position. This means you can experiment with depth in your compositions without altering the initial camera setup. This flexibility opens up possibilities for creating engaging visuals with varying depths.

Features of Aescripts pt_Multiplane for After Effects

Auto Arrange Layers: Effortless Layer Distribution

One of the standout features is the Auto Arrange function. This feature automatically distributes layers along the z-axis within a defined value range when activated. Moreover, there's an option to introduce an element of randomness within that range, adding an organic touch to your scene. This feature simplifies the layer arrangement process and saves time, allowing you to focus on refining your creative vision.

Null Controls: Seamless Layer Manipulation

It introduces null controllers in scenarios where layers have been previously animated or scaled. These nulls serve as control points for manipulating layers along the z-axis. The "Always use null controllers" option provides consistency by employing nulls for all layers. If you're satisfied with your depth adjustments, removing these nulls is a breeze, offering a clean slate for further animation or scaling.

1 or 2 Node Camera: Tailored Camera Setup

pt_Multiplane grants you the choice between a 1-node camera and a 2-node camera. The former offers a Position property for basic movements, while the latter supplements this with a Point of Interest property, enabling more intricate camera configurations. This versatility ensures that your camera setup aligns seamlessly with your creative intentions.

Lens Preset: Crafting the Perfect Shot

The inclusion of lens presets in pt_Multiplane is a noteworthy feature. This allows you to select a lens preset that best suits your multiplane camera, facilitating the creation of specific visual aesthetics. This software covers whether you're aiming for wide-angle grandeur or telephoto intimacy.

Apply Multiplane: Efficiency in Action

Applying it to your layers is straightforward. You can choose specific layers within a composition or apply the script universally across all layers. This step triggers the scale expressions used by pt_Multiplane to compensate for z-axis movements, ensuring your compositions retain their visual integrity.

Bake/Remove: Fine-Tuning Your Workflow

Once you've fine-tuned your layer placements and achieved the desired depth, the "Bake/Remove" option becomes invaluable. If you intend to animate the Scale or Z Position, you can remove the pt_Multiplane scale expressions seamlessly. This level of control ensures that your workflow is tailored to your creative needs.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 or later
Adobe After Effects: CS4 or later


pt_Multiplane is a must-have script for After Effects users seeking to elevate their visual storytelling. With its ability to transform layered files into dynamic 3D multiplanes and its range of features like Auto Arrange, Null Controls, and Lens Presets, this tool empowers artists to experiment with depth and create captivating scenes. Its user-friendly interface and efficiency-enhancing functions make it a game-changing addition to any motion designer's toolkit.


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