Aescripts Flow 1.5.1 for After Effects

Free Download Aescripts Flow for After Effects Windows PC. It is powerful After Effects tool that brings a new level of ease and intuitiveness to adjusting keyframe easing. You can bid farewell to the frustration of deciphering terms like "speed" and "influence" and say hello to a streamlined curve editor that simplifies the process and amplifies your creative possibilities.

Overview of Aescripts Flow for After Effects

It introduces a remarkably simple yet robust curve editor that transforms how you handle keyframe easing. This tool eliminates the need to navigate overwhelming feature sets to find the right easing system. Instead, you can effortlessly create a curve, apply it, and promptly achieve your desired animation effects.

Graph Editor and Library

It comprises two core components—the Graph Editor and the Library. The Graph Editor takes center stage with its focus on easing. Bid farewell to After Effects' internal graph editor and embrace a more contemporary, responsive, and standardized environment.

The library, on the other hand, is a treasure trove of presets. Crafted a set of distinct and stylish easing curves that define your brand. You can save your curves as presets and have customized easing libraries ready to be used anywhere.

Share and Express

It empowers you to share your easing curve libraries with others, enhancing collaboration and ensuring consistent animations across projects. Furthermore, you can apply curves as expressions, allowing for dynamic adjustments and flexibility in your animations.

Copy, Paste, and Export

Swiftly copy or paste your curves as cubic-bezier values, facilitating seamless integration with other tools and platforms. If you're a fan of KBar, you can export your library to it, letting you work in an environment you're comfortable with.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  • After Effects: 2020 or later


Aescripts Flow revolutionizes how you approach keyframe easing in After Effects. Its intuitive curve editor, preset library, and user-friendly features give you the power to create seamless animations and captivate your audience.


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