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Free download VinylMaster XPT Latest full version - Sign Making And Large Format Printing Tool.


Free Download VinylMaster XPT for Windows PC. It is your ultimate solution for all your sign-making and large-format printing needs. This comprehensive software package is packed with powerful tools and features to help you design and create everything from vinyl signs, decals, and stickers to eye-catching banners and full-color posters.

Overview of VinylMaster XPT

It is more than just a software package; it's a complete design and output solution tailored specifically for sign makers and large-format printing professionals.


One of the standout features of the tool is its impressive collection of extras. You'll gain access to a vast assortment of resources, including 17,279 clipart images, 13,900 high-quality true-type fonts, and a staggering 820,000 corporate logos, including 200 of the latest world-leading brand logos. Additionally, you'll find 1,500 comprehensive road signs, 2,348 high-quality textures, and a palette of over 10,000 vinyl colors that can be seamlessly incorporated into your artwork. These extras provide the creative tools you need to excel in sign-making.

Plugins & Modules

The tool offers a range of advanced plugins and modules that elevate your design capabilities. One notable addition is the true nesting module, which employs a sophisticated nesting algorithm to optimize space usage and fit more text and shapes into smaller areas. The image nesting feature simplifies working with images that have white backgrounds, saving you time and money. These additions expand your creative possibilities and efficiency.


Distortions, including curves, text, and images, can be applied to objects. Keyline, outline, multi-outline/inline effects, and power clip functionality provide even more design flexibility. You can customize corner and line styles, apply stripes, and use block shadow and drop shadow effects to make your designs stand out.

Cut Documents

It offers various cut document tools that provide full control over your artwork. Features like cut file editing, cropping tools, rotation, size, and position tools, along with dimension tools that display on-screen dimensions, ensure precise management of your designs. These tools make it easy to prepare your artwork for the vinyl cutter.


The software boasts powerful auto-cut and weeding tools that give you complete control over your cut documents. The interactive vinyl spooler simplifies sending your documents to the cutter, and it supports over 5,000 cutters with various connection types. QR code support, introduced in V5, further streamlines the cutting process.


Creating vector artwork is effortless with its vectorizer. You can easily trace images or bitmaps, ensuring that your artwork can be scaled without any loss in quality. The vectorizer offers advanced trace options for precise control over the tracing process.

Font Detective

The font detective utility in the tool makes it easy to find and match fonts. It compares a scanned-in sample of a font against all the fonts on your computer, even those not in your system. With built-in OCR and support for full-color artwork and text blocks, it's a powerful tool for font matching.

Mask Editor

It includes a professional mask editor, allowing you to remove backgrounds from images, create transparency, and apply special effects. The Fatline tool, which separates the background from the foreground, provides exceptional results with precision.

RIP (Raster Image Processor)

With a powerful built-in RIP, it allows you to utilize all its design tools and features, import .ai, .eps, and .pdf files, and then RIP, print, and cut them with your large-format printer or printer-cutter. The RIP includes an artwork manager, full ICC profile support, and a multitasking environment for increased productivity.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 Vista and XP (32/64 Bit)
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor


VinylMaster XPT is a versatile and feature-rich software package designed to meet the demands of sign makers and large-format printing professionals. Its comprehensive tools, extensive extras, advanced plugins, and powerful effects empower you to unleash your creativity and achieve exceptional results. It has you covered whether you're creating vinyl signs, decals, banners, or posters.


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