Aescripts Crazy Shapes 1.1.1 for After Effects

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Free download Aescripts Crazy Shapes 1.1.1 for After Effects Latest full version - You can expand the possibilities of Path work in After Effects.

Free download Aescripts Crazy Shapes for After Effects for Windows PC. It is a game-changing extension for After Effects that opens up creative possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned animator or just starting with motion graphics, Crazy Shapes offers an intuitive way to manipulate paths and create captivating animations easily. This tool is designed to save you time and effort while offering unparalleled control over your designs.

Features of Aescripts Crazy Shapes for After Effects

Unleash Your Creativity with Rigs and Animations

Say goodbye to tedious manual path adjustments. Crazy Shapes empowers you to build intricate rigs effortlessly. Imagine creating intricate connections between layers with just a few clicks. This feature drastically reduces your time on traditional rigging methods, giving you more room to explore and experiment with your creative ideas.

Moreover, Crazy Shapes introduces a new dimension of animations. Add a touch of "wow" to your projects by applying cool and dynamic animations that bring your designs to life. The tool offers various animation presets you can easily customize to fit your vision. With Crazy Shapes, animation becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on the artistic aspect rather than the technicalities.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Crazy Shapes isn't just about rigs and animations – it's packed with extra tools that simplify your workflow and make your work enjoyable. The intuitive user interface ensures that even complex tasks are manageable. You can quickly access and control various parameters, making real-time adjustments as your creative juices flow.

A Playground of Possibilities

Think of Crazy Shapes as your creative playground. It offers a collection of tools that encourage experimentation and innovation. You can bend and twist paths, creating mesmerizing shapes that were once considered time-consuming challenges. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the numerous ways you can manipulate shapes and layers, all within the familiar environment of After Effects.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or 11
  • After Effects: CC 2018 or later


Aescripts Crazy Shapes for After Effects is a game-changer for motion graphics professionals. Its versatile features, from creating rigs to adding stunning animations, redefine how you approach design and animation. With Crazy Shapes, you'll save time and unleash a new level of creativity that knows no bounds. So, what are you waiting for? Download Crazy Shapes and embark on a journey of limitless artistic expression.

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