Sequel Pro 1.1.2


Free Download Sequel Pro is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a fast and user-friendly MySQL database management application designed for seamless efficiency.

Overview of Sequel Pro for macOS

It is a robust MySQL database management application renowned for its swift performance and user-friendly interface. This software offers developers and database administrators an intuitive platform, providing powerful features like query building, database visualization, data export/import, and SSH support. With seamless table customization, advanced filtering, and plugins for extended functionality, it is a versatile tool that simplifies the complexities of MySQL database management.

Features of Sequel Pro for macOS

  • Intuitive Interface: It boasts an intuitive user interface streamlining the database management process. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice, the clean layout ensures ease of navigation.
  • Query Building: The application provides a powerful query editor with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and error highlighting. This feature enhances the efficiency of writing and debugging SQL queries.
  • Database Visualization: Visualize your database structure easily using the interactive ER diagram. This graphical representation simplifies understanding of the relationships between different tables, enhancing database design and maintenance.
  • Data Export and Import: Seamlessly export and import data in various formats, including CSV and SQL. This flexibility is crucial for efficiently moving data between databases and applications.
  • SSH Support: It supports secure SSH connections, ensuring your data remains protected during transmission. This feature is precious when managing databases across different servers.
  • Table Customization: Easily edit and customize table structures directly within the application. This feature streamlines the process of making changes to your database schema without the need for complex scripts.
  • Advanced Filtering and Sorting: Effortlessly filter and sort data within tables, simplifying analyzing and manipulating large datasets. This functionality enhances the overall data exploration experience.
  • Multiple Result Sets: Execute various queries simultaneously and view the results in separate tabs. This feature is invaluable for multitasking and comparing data sets within the same interface.
  • Auto-Save and Versioning: It ensures your work is never lost by providing auto-save functionality. Additionally, versioning support allows you to track changes and revert to previous states when needed.
  • Plugins for Extended Functionality: Extend the capabilities by leveraging a variety of plugins. This open-ended architecture enables users to tailor the application to their needs, enhancing its versatility.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.6 or later


Q: Can I use it to manage databases on remote servers?
A: Absolutely. It supports SSH connections, allowing you to manage databases on remote servers securely securely.

Q: Does it support the latest versions of MySQL?
A: Yes, it is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of MySQL, providing users with optimal performance and access to new features.

Q: Can I connect to multiple MySQL servers simultaneously?
A: It supports simultaneous connections to multiple MySQL servers, enabling users to manage databases across different servers within a single interface.

Q: Is there a limit to the size of databases the tool can handle?
A: It can handle databases of varying sizes; however, performance may be influenced by factors such as hardware specifications and network conditions.


It is a database management solution that effortlessly marries speed with user-friendliness. Its rich feature set, intuitive interface, and compatibility with the MySQL database system make it a go-to tool for developers and administrators seeking efficiency and simplicity in their database management endeavors. With this tool, harnessing the power of MySQL has never been more accessible.


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