NNCleanup 1.4.1 for Nuke

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Free download NNCleanup for Nuke for MacOS Latest full version - An advanced cleanup/inpainting plugin for Nuke.

Free Download Pixelmania NNCleanup for Nuke: The full version is a standalone offline installer for macOS. It is an advanced cleanup and inpainting tool designed to streamline the process of generating high-quality results from input images and mattes.

Overview of NNCleanup for Nuke for macOS

It is an advanced cleanup/inpainting plugin for Nuke. It uses modern machine learning algorithms to fill in a user-specified area of a still image with new content that is visually plausible in the context of the surrounding areas. This means it can remove objects by simply giving it a list of what to replace.

Features of NNCleanup for Nuke for macOS

  • Achieve advanced cleanup and inpainting results on still images with just an input image and a matte.
  • Built-in support for high dynamic range (HDR).
  • Handles overscan natively, accommodating larger bounding boxes than the image frame.
  • Choose from various neural network training variants to find the best match for your material.
  • Trained on high-quality material for reliable production use.
  • GPU acceleration using NVIDIA's CUDA technology (requires an NVIDIA graphics card).
  • Supports Nuke Indie.
  • A production-friendly, sandboxed solution that operates without needing an internet connection.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.14 or later
  • Nuke 12.0 or later


Q: What type of images does it work best with?
A: It is trained in high-quality material suitable for professional-grade images and visual effects projects. It works best with images that require detailed cleanup and inpainting.

Q: Do I need an internet connection?
A: No, It is a sandboxed solution that does not require an internet connection to run, ensuring secure and reliable operation in production environments.

Q: Can I use it with non-NVIDIA GPUs?
A: No, It requires an NVIDIA GPU with CUDA support to utilize its GPU acceleration capabilities. Ensure your system meets this requirement for optimal performance.

Q: Can I select different neural network training variants for other projects?
A: NNCleanup allows you to choose from several neural network training variants, enabling you to match the best variant to your specific material for optimal results.

Q: What is native overscan handling, and why is it important?
A: Native overscan handling means It can manage larger bounding boxes than the image frame/format. This is important for projects requiring extensive cleanup beyond the original frame, ensuring that all image parts are correctly processed.


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