Free Download Osquery, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is an open-source, cross-platform endpoint visibility tool that enables organizations to access and query low-level system information easily. It has gained popularity for its simplicity and effectiveness in Monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing endpoints across various operating systems.

Overview of Osquery for macOS

Query operates by exposing an operating system as a high-performance relational database, allowing users to write SQL-based queries to explore the state of their Systems. It provides a unified interface to query numerous aspects of a system, such as running processes, loaded kernel modules, active network connections, hardware configuration, and much more. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for system administrators, security professionals, and developers.

One of the critical advantages is its ability to generate rich insights into system activity and security posture, which can be used for threat hunting, incident response, and compliance monitoring. By leveraging the power of SQL, users can easily craft complex queries to extract specific information from their endpoints, providing unparalleled visibility into their infrastructure.

Features of Osquery for macOS

  • Real-Time Monitoring: The query can be configured to monitor system activity and report changes in real-time continuously.
  • File Integrity Monitoring: It can detect unauthorized changes by monitoring file attributes and contents.
  • Process and Socket Monitoring: Users can monitor running processes and network connections to identify malicious activity.
  • Hardware Inventory: It provides detailed hardware information, including CPU, memory, disk, and network interfaces.
  • Software Inventory: Users can query installed software and its versions across their endpoints.
  • User and Group Management: It allows users to manage users and groups on their systems.
  • Registry Monitoring: It can monitor and query the registry for changes.
  • Custom Query Packs: Users can create and share custom query packs tailored to their needs.
  • Extensions and Integrations: The query can be extended with custom plugins and integrated with other security tools and platforms.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.15 or newer


Q: Is It challenging to deploy?
A: No, It is easy to deploy and can be installed using package managers or downloaded directly from the official website.

Q: Can It be used for compliance monitoring?
A: It provides rich insights into system configurations and can be used to monitor compliance with security policies and standards.

Q: Is it suitable for small businesses?
A: It suits organizations of all sizes and can benefit small businesses looking to enhance their endpoint security.

Q: Does it require internet connectivity to function?
A: The query does not require internet connectivity to query local system information.


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