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Free download One Bookmark for MacOS Latest full version - Manage the bookmarks of your browser.


Free Download One Bookmark is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is designed to sync and manage all bookmarks from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers.

Overview of One Bookmark for macOS

Managing online bookmarks can be daunting, especially when you have countless websites and resources you want to save for later. You can simplify and streamline your bookmarking experience. This powerful tool offers a range of features designed to help you organize, access, and sync your bookmarks across multiple devices effortlessly. Whether you're a casual internet user or a professional researcher, One Bookmark is here to enhance your browsing efficiency.

It allows you to sort, edit, delete, and encrypt your browser bookmarks. It supports finding and deleting duplicate bookmarks and unreachable bookmarks. In addition, it can export organized bookmarks that have changed and apply the changed bookmarks to the browser.

Features of One Bookmark for macOS

  • Sync all browser bookmarks into one Bookmark.
  • Intuitive Bookmark Organization: One Bookmark allows you to create folders and subfolders, making it easy to categorize and arrange your bookmarks according to your preferences. This feature ensures quick and hassle-free access to your saved web pages.
  • Smart Search and Tagging: One Bookmark's smart search functionality makes finding specific bookmarks a breeze. You can also add tags to your bookmarks, enabling you to categorize them based on keywords and quickly retrieve them later.
  • Cross-Device Syncing: Seamlessly sync your bookmarks across multiple macOS devices using One Bookmark. Whether using a MacBook, iMac, or Mac Mini, you can access your bookmarks from anywhere, ensuring a consistent browsing experience.
  • Web Clipper Integration: Capture and save articles, blog posts, and other web content directly into One Bookmark with the built-in web clipper. This feature allows you to save complete web pages or specific sections, ensuring you don't miss out on valuable information.
  • Browser Compatibility: One Bookmark supports popular web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Regardless of your preferred browser, you can leverage the full potential of One Bookmark to manage your bookmarks effectively.
  • Import and Export: One Bookmark lets you import bookmarks from your existing browser or export them for backup purposes. This feature simplifies the transition to One Bookmark, ensuring you don't lose any of your previously saved bookmarks.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.9 - 10.15
  • macOS 12.0
  • macOS 13.0


Q: Is One Bookmark compatible with Windows or other operating systems?
A: One Bookmark is designed exclusively for macOS and is incompatible with Windows or other operating systems.

Q: Can I access my bookmarks offline?
A: Once your bookmarks are synced with One Bookmark, you can access them offline.

Q: Is my bookmark data secure with One Bookmark?
A: Yes, Fireebok prioritizes user data security. One Bookmark employs encryption protocols to keep your bookmark data private and secure.

Q: Can I import my bookmarks from another bookmarking tool?
A: Absolutely! One Bookmark offers an import feature that allows you to transfer bookmarks from your existing browser or another bookmarking tool.

Q: What happens if I uninstall One Bookmark? Will I lose my bookmarks?
A: Uninstalling One Bookmark does not delete your bookmarks. Your bookmark data remains intact and can be accessed again if you reinstall the application.


One Bookmark for macOS is a valuable tool for individuals who want to manage and organize their online bookmarks efficiently. With its user-friendly interface, smart search capabilities, cross-device syncing, and browser compatibility, One Bookmark enhances your browsing experience and saves time and effort.


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