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Free download LibreCAD for MacOS Latest offline Installer - An Open-Source 2D CAD drawing tool.


Free Download LibreCAD latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is an open-source 2D CAD program in C++14 using the Qt framework. 

Overview of LibreCAD for macOS

Regarding computer-aided design (CAD) software, LibreCAD is a powerful and accessible option for macOS users. LibreCAD provides various tools and features to create precise 2D designs, whether you're an architect, engineer, or hobbyist.

LibreCAD is an open-source CAD application that offers a robust set of features while being free to use. It is built on the Qt framework, making it compatible with multiple platforms, including macOS. With LibreCAD, you can create detailed and accurate 2D designs, diagrams, and blueprints. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive toolset make it an ideal choice for professionals and beginners.

Features of LibreCAD for macOS

  • Drawing Tools: LibreCAD provides a wide range of drawing tools, including lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, polygons, and splines. You can easily create and modify these shapes to build complex designs.
  • Layers and Blocks: Organize your drawings efficiently using layers to separate different elements. Blocks allow you to create reusable components, saving time and effort when designing repetitive objects.
  • Dimensioning and Measuring: Accurate measurements are essential in CAD design. LibreCAD offers dimensioning tools that let you add precise measurements to your drawings. You can also measure distances, angles, and areas with ease.
  • Snap and Grid: Achieve precise alignment and positioning of elements using the snap and grid features. Snap allows you to attach points to specific locations, while the grid provides a visual reference for accurate placement.
  • File Compatibility: LibreCAD supports various file formats, including DXF (AutoCAD), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), and DWT (Drawing Template). This compatibility ensures seamless collaboration with other CAD software users.
  • Customization: Tailor LibreCAD to suit your workflow with customizable keyboard shortcuts, toolbars, and menus. This flexibility allows you to optimize your design process and increase productivity.
  • Printing and Plotting: Generate high-quality prints and plots of your designs with LibreCAD's printing and plotting capabilities. To achieve the desired output, you can customize settings such as paper size, scale, and plot styles.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.13 or later


Q: Can I import existing CAD files into LibreCAD?
A: Yes, LibreCAD supports importing DXF, SVG, and DWT files, allowing you to work with designs created in other CAD software.

Q: Does LibreCAD have 3D modeling capabilities?
A: No, LibreCAD is primarily a 2D CAD software. If you require 3D modeling features, you may need to consider other CAD applications.

Q: Can I collaborate with users of different CAD software?
A: LibreCAD's compatibility with DXF files ensures that you can collaborate with users of AutoCAD and other CAD software without compatibility issues.


LibreCAD for macOS is a feature-rich CAD software that empowers users to create precise 2D designs. With its intuitive interface, extensive toolset, and compatibility with various file formats, LibreCAD offers a professional-grade solution for architects, engineers, and hobbyists. Whether working on architectural plans, mechanical designs, or artistic illustrations, LibreCAD provides the tools to bring your ideas to life.

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