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Free download Room Arranger for MacOS Latest full version - Design your room, office, apartment or house easily.


Free Download Room Arranger full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a room, apartment,  and floor planner with simple user interface.  

Overview of Room Arranger for macOS

In interior design and space planning, having the right tools can make all the difference. Room Arranger, a powerful software designed for macOS, is a beacon for those seeking to visualize and arrange spaces effortlessly. Whether you're an interior designer, an architect, or someone looking to rearrange your living space, Room Arranger offers a user-friendly platform to bring your creative visions to life.

It is a versatile and intuitive software that lets users digitally plan and arrange interior spaces. Its user-friendly interface and many features allow you to visualize and experiment with different layouts, furniture arrangements, and decorative elements before making any physical changes to your space. Whether designing a new home, remodeling a room, or simply rearranging furniture, Room Arranger simplifies the process and enables you to make informed decisions.

Features of Room Arranger for macOS

  • Easy to Use
    Room Arranger is a small and compact piece of software. Still, it lets you design nearly anything you imagine. Once you understand the basics, bringing it to the next level is easy. Nearly all functions have keyboard shortcuts, so you can learn to be fast in Room Arranger.
  • 3D Visualization
    3D can give you a better impression of your design. Room Arranger will not only let you fly around the scene, but you can also walk through it in reality.
  • Wide Object Library
    There are nearly 300 objects in the standard object library. Furniture and other equipment. For each of them, you can modify their dimensions exactly as you need - you are not limited to what we think is the most common. Additionally, you can quickly and easily design all your special objects directly in Room Arranger; there is a set of 3D objects just for such needs. Some users contributed to our Online object library and shared their work.
  • Measurement
    A measurement tool in Room Arranger helps you check if there is enough space left for other objects or visualize the dimensions of the project. The software also measures the room areas, wall areas, and other useful values. It will let you copy-paste them to Excel for further processing.
  • Print in Scale
    Printing is an integral part of a designer's work. We try to make this output precise and of high quality. Professional architects usually require printouts in exact 1:50 or 1:100 scale, which is possible in Room Arranger. If you have only a small A4 printer, the software manages to print the project over more pages. You will glue all sheets of paper together.
  • Build on Floor Plan Image
    Drawing walls can be quite time-consuming for apartment or house design. So there is a way to make it easier if you have an image or photo of the floor plan.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.14 or later


1. Can I import my furniture models?
Yes, Room Arranger allows you to import custom 3D models, including furniture and objects unavailable in the default library.

2. Is the software suitable for commercial use?
Absolutely. Individuals and professionals use Room Arranger in the interior design, architecture, and real estate industries to plan and visualize spaces.

3. Can I print or export my designs?
You can print your floor plans and 3D views directly from the software. Additionally, Room Arranger supports various export formats, including images and interactive 3D models.

4. Is virtual reality (VR) equipment necessary?
VR functionality is optional and can enhance the experience, but using Room Arranger effectively is not mandatory.


Room Arranger opens up a world of possibilities for those wishing to transform their spaces creatively and precisely. Its intuitive interface, diverse features, and accurate representations make it a valuable tool for amateurs and professionals seeking to craft stunning interior designs.


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