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Free download Stretchly for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - A powerful break time reminde tool.


Free Download Jan Hovanci Stretchly is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a customizable break reminder app designed to enhance productivity and well-being by promoting regular breaks during computer usage.

Overview of Stretchly for macOS

It is a breakthrough productivity tool that fosters a harmonious balance between work and well-being. Offering customizable break intervals, eye protection features, and cross-platform compatibility revolutionizes how users approach computer usage, ensuring a healthier and more efficient work routine. This open-source application goes beyond mere reminders, providing insights into activity patterns and prioritizing user privacy. It is an essential addition for those seeking a more mindful and productive digital work experience.

Features of Stretchly for macOS

  • Customizable Break Intervals: Users can tailor break intervals to suit their preferences. Whether you prefer short, frequent breaks or longer, less frequent pauses, the app adapts to your work style.
  • Microbreaks and Rest Breaks: The ability to schedule microbreaks and rest breaks promotes healthy working habits by encouraging users to step away from their screens regularly. Microbreaks offer quick relaxation, while rest breaks allow for more extended periods of rejuvenation.
  • Eye Protection: Protecting your eyes is crucial during long hours of computer usage. It includes a feature to remind users to look away from the screen, reducing eye strain and preventing discomfort.
  • Notification Customization: Users can personalize notifications to match their preferences. From the duration of reminders to the style of messages, it ensures that break reminders are discreet yet effective.
  • Activity Tracking: It provides insights into your computer usage patterns. By tracking your activity, the app gives you a comprehensive overview of your work habits, enabling you to make informed decisions about your breaks.
  • Productivity Mode: This feature temporarily suspends break reminders, allowing you to focus entirely on your work when necessary.
  • Customizable Themes: Personalize your experience with customizable themes. Whether you prefer a light or dark mode or want to match the app's appearance to your system theme, the options are at your fingertips.
  • Pause and Skip Options: Recognizing when a break may not be convenient provides the flexibility to pause or skip reminders. This ensures that the app respects your schedule and preferences.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 or later
  • Processor: Intel or Apple Silicon


It is a beacon of balance in the digital work landscape, encouraging users to prioritize their well-being without compromising productivity. With its versatile features, customizable settings, and commitment to open-source principles, it is a valuable addition to the toolkit of anyone seeking a healthier, more sustainable approach to computer usage.


Q: Can I turn off the break reminders temporarily?
A: Yes, it offers a productivity mode that allows you to suspend break reminders when needed.

Q: Can I adjust the duration of microbreaks and rest breaks?
A: Absolutely; it allows users to fine-tune the duration of microbreaks and rest breaks to align with individual preferences and work habits.


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