FIPLAB Smart Timer


Free Download ‎FIPLAB Smart Countdown Timer, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. ‎It is a versatile and user-friendly application that helps you manage your time effectively.

Overview of ‎FIPLAB Smart Timer for macOS

‎It is a handy tool for anyone looking to manage their time more effectively. With its customizable countdowns, background running mode, and repeat functionality, this app offers a flexible and convenient way to stay on top of your schedule. 

With ‎this, you can easily set up multiple countdowns for different tasks or events. Each countdown can be customized with its title, duration, and alert sound, allowing you to keep track of your various deadlines and appointments without confusion.

One of the critical features of ‎the app is its ability to run in the background, allowing you to continue working on other tasks while keeping an eye on your countdowns. You can also choose to display the countdowns on your desktop, so you can easily keep track of your time without switching between windows.

Another helpful app feature is its ability to repeat countdowns, making it ideal for regular tasks or events. Whether scheduling daily reminders or planning a weekly meeting, this app can help you stay organized and on schedule.

Features of ‎FIPLAB Smart Timer for macOS

  • Our simple and easy-to-use UI requires you to enter your countdown time using plain English, such as '1 hour and 35 mins' or 'add 25 mins'
  • Resizable user interface with fullscreen support
  • Customize the countdown window background
  • Change the countdown window opacity
  • Ability to lock app window so that it remains in front of all other apps
  • A huge choice of audio alerts when the countdown reaches zero
  • Popup notification when the countdown completes
  • Option to show the countdown in your Dock and Menu Bar
  • Light and Dark UI theme
  • Use the spacebar to pause/start the countdown and cmd+R to restart it
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to cycle through previously entered countdowns
  • Launch at login

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.13 or later


Q: Can I customize the alert sounds for each countdown?
A: You can choose from various alerts or custom sounds.

Q: Can I run ‎it in the background?
A:  ‎It can run in the background, allowing you to continue working on other tasks while keeping track of your countdowns.

Q: Can I set up multiple countdowns at once?
A: You can set up multiple countdowns for different tasks or events.

Q: Does ‎it offer repeat functionality?
A: Yes, ‎it offers repeat functionality for regular tasks or events.

Q: Is ‎it easy to use?
A:  ‎It has a user-friendly interface that sets up and manages countdowns efficiently.


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