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Free download EnSili Tidier for MacOS Latest full version - A powerful file manager for easy management.


Free Download EnSili Tidier full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a comprehensive software tool designed to help users organize and clean their digital workspace. This powerful utility offers many features and capabilities to enhance productivity and streamline workflow. With this, users can easily manage files, folders, and applications, ensuring that everything is neatly organized and easily accessible.

Overview of EnSili Tidier for macOS

It is a versatile file management tool with many features and capabilities to help users organize and clean up their digital workspace. Its intuitive interface and powerful functionality make it the perfect solution for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and boost productivity. It provides a smarter way to navigate and manage your documents, photos, videos, and more.

One of the app's key features is its ability to automatically sort files into designated folders based on custom rules and criteria. This feature is handy for users who regularly deal with large volumes of files and need a convenient way to keep everything organized. Additionally, It offers advanced file management tools, such as duplicate file finder and file shredder, to help users efficiently manage their digital assets.

Features of EnSili Tidier for macOS

  • Automatic file sorting based on custom rules
  • Duplicate file finder to help eliminate redundant files
  • File shredder for secure file deletion
  • Customizable folder organization
  • Quick access toolbar for easy file management
  • Built-in file previewer for quick file inspection
  • Intuitive interface for easy navigation
  • Support for a wide range of file types
  • Comprehensive user guide and online support

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 12.0 or later


Q: Can I customize the rules for automatic file sorting?
A: It allows you to customize the rules for automatic file sorting to suit your specific needs.

Q: Does it offer a file preview feature?
A: It includes a built-in file previewer for quick file inspection.

Q: Can I use it to delete duplicate files?
A: It includes a duplicate file finder to help you eliminate redundant files.

Q: Is there a user guide available for it?
A: It comes with a comprehensive user guide and online support.


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