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Free download Element Desktop for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - A secure communications platform.


Free Download Element Desktop is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It empowers secure and compliant communication while prioritizing data control and real-time connectivity.

Overview of Element Desktop for macOS

It is a cutting-edge communication platform that provides organizations with a secure and compliant environment. With a focus on safeguarding business-critical communications, this platform prioritizes data control through open-source hosting, ensuring flexibility and data sovereignty. It facilitates real-time connectivity and enables seamless collaboration across organizations, making it a robust choice for those seeking a user-friendly, customizable, and secure communication solution.

Features of Element Desktop for macOS

  • End-to-End Encryption: Ensures your communications remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access.
  • Compliance Assurance: Built with compliance in mind, it adheres to industry standards, making it a reliable choice for organizations with regulatory requirements.
  • Data Sovereignty with Open Source Hosting: Allow for data sovereignty and customization based on organizational needs.
  • Real-time Communication: Enhance collaboration and efficiency with real-time communication features, facilitating seamless interaction among team members and trusted partners.
  • Multi-Organization Connectivity: The platform promotes connectivity between organizations, enabling trusted communication channels that foster collaboration and streamline business processes.
  • Customizable Notifications: Tailor your experience with customizable notifications, allowing users to stay informed without being overwhelmed by unnecessary alerts.
  • File Sharing and Collaboration: Facilitates efficient file sharing and collaboration, promoting a seamless workflow where users can share documents, images, and other files securely.
  • Cross-Organization Search: Improve productivity with a cross-organization search feature, making finding relevant information and conversations across multiple entities easy.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.12 or later


It is a reliable and feature-rich platform in a digital era where secure communication is paramount. Its emphasis on security, compliance, and user control empowers organizations to fortify their critical communications and collaborate seamlessly across different entities. By prioritizing data sovereignty and real-time connectivity, this tool proves itself a valuable asset for those seeking a secure, customizable, and efficient communication solution.


Q: Can I host it on my server?
A: Absolutely; it provides open-source and flexible hosting options, empowering users to host the platform on their servers for enhanced control.

Q: How does it ensure data security?
A: It employs end-to-end encryption to safeguard your communications, ensuring your data remains confidential and secure.


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