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Free download Cryptomator for MacOS Latest offline Installer - Encrypts your data quickly and easily.


Free Download Cryptomator is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It empowers users to take control of their data by encrypting it seamlessly before uploading it to their preferred cloud service. It is a simple tool for digital self-defense. It allows you to protect your cloud data by yourself and independently.

Overview of Cryptomator for macOS

It is a beacon of data security in cloud storage for users. This encryption solution seamlessly integrates into your workflow, allowing you to encrypt your data effortlessly before entrusting it to your favorite cloud service. With a focus on user-friendly encryption and a zero-knowledge architecture, it ensures that your sensitive information remains in your control and safeguarded against unauthorized access or prying eyes. 

Features of Cryptomator for macOS

  • User-Friendly Encryption: It simplifies the encryption process, making it accessible to users with varying technical expertise. With a user-friendly interface, encrypting your sensitive data is a seamless and straightforward task.
  • Client-Side Encryption: The strength lies in its client-side encryption, meaning your data is encrypted on your device before being uploaded to the cloud. This ensures that even the cloud service provider cannot access your sensitive information.
  • Zero-Knowledge Architecture: It operates on a zero-knowledge architecture, guaranteeing that neither this tool nor the cloud service provider knows your encryption keys or the content of your encrypted files.
  • On-the-Fly Encryption: It employs on-the-fly encryption, ensuring your data is encrypted in real time as it is accessed or modified. This dynamic encryption approach enhances both security and convenience.
  • Compatibility with Cloud Services: It supports a wide range of popular cloud services, including but not limited to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Users can seamlessly integrate it into their existing cloud storage workflow.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Support: For an added layer of security, it supports two-factor authentication, ensuring that even if someone gains access to your encryption key, they would still need an additional authentication factor to decrypt your data.
  • File Versioning and Recovery: It provides file versioning, allowing users to recover previous versions of their encrypted files. This feature is precious in the event of accidental changes or data corruption.
  • Customizable Vault Names and Icons: Personalize your encrypted vaults by assigning custom names and icons. This feature makes it easy to organize and differentiate between multiple encrypted containers.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
  • Processor: Intel or Apple Silicon


Q: Is it compatible with all cloud storage services?
A: It supports various popular cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, making it versatile for most users' preferences.

Q: How secure is its encryption?
A: It employs client-side encryption with a zero-knowledge architecture, ensuring that only you can access your encryption keys and decrypted data.


It is a powerful encryption tool that balances user-friendliness and robust security. Providing client-side encryption and support for popular cloud services empowers users to protect their sensitive data in the cloud. Its open-source foundation, two-factor authentication support, and customizable features enhance its appeal. With this tool, you can take control of your data's security, ensuring that only you have the key to access and decrypt your valuable information.


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