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Free Download BookMacster 3.0.12 for MacOS Full Version - Latest Offline Installer - Organize and manage bookmarks .


Free Download BookMacster full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It organizes and manages bookmarks and syncs them across browsers.

Overview of BookMacster for macOS

It is a bookmark manager for your Mac, which plays nicely with iCloud, Sign In to Chrome, and Firefox Sync.

  • Manage Browser Bookmarks. Add alphabetizing and tagging. Verify, fix dupes, and consolidate
  • Cross-Browser Syncing. Sync bookmarks from Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and more on all your devices
  • Directly. Keep your bookmarks in one central store, accessible within web browsers.

Features of BookMacster for macOS

  • Compatible with iCloud's Safari syncing, Google Chrome's Sign In, and Firefox Sync. Bookmarks added to Safari from BookMacster on your Mac will sync via iCloud to Safari on iOS devices.
  • Import/export with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Vivaldi, iCab, Roccat, Pinboard, Diigo, and OmniWeb
  • Easily organize with tags, hierarchy, or both.
  • Verifies bookmarks, fixes redirects, and duplicates, can upgrade insecure bookmarks, and remove URL cruft
  • Sort (alphabetize) automatically when bookmarks are changed. You control which folders you want to be sorted or not sorted and how to sort them
  • Supports multiple user profiles in Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Scriptable to collect new bookmarks from NetNewsWire or similar apps

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 11.0 or later

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:BookMacster 3.0.11 macOS
File Name:BookMacster 3.0.8 macOS
File Name:BookMacster 3.0.5 macOS
File Name:BookMacster 3.0.4 macOS
File Name:BookMacster 3.0.3 macOS


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