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Free download Beaver Notes for MacOS Latest offline Installer - Personal note-taking haven for privacy and efficiency.


Free Download Beaver Notes, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a cross-platform, open-source note-taking app that prioritizes privacy by storing notes locally, eliminating the risk of data breaches.

Overview of Beaver Notes for macOS

It stands out for its simplicity and functionality. It allows users to create and manage notes effortlessly, with a focus on speed and efficiency. The app offers a range of features to enhance your note-taking experience, including rich text formatting, inline images, and attachments. It provides a seamless and intuitive experience, allowing users to organize their thoughts, ideas, tasks, and projects efficiently.

One of the key features is its versatile organization system. Users can create notebooks to categorize their notes, making it easy to keep track of different projects or topics. Users can create multiple notes within each notebook, each with its title and content. This hierarchical organization system makes finding and accessing specific notes accessible when needed.

Another standout feature is its seamless syncing capabilities. Users can sync their notes across multiple devices using iCloud, ensuring their essential information is always up to date-and accessible wherever they go. Whether using your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you can access your notes anytime, anywhere, without missing a beat.

Features of Beaver Notes for macOS

  • Rich Text Formatting: Customize your notes with bold, italic, and underlined styles, as well as different font sizes and colors.
  • Inline Images: Easily add images to your notes for a more visual experience.
  • Attachments: Attach files such as PDFs or documents directly to your notes for easy reference.
  • Markdown Support: Use Markdown syntax to format your notes quickly and efficiently.
  • Organization: Organize your notes into folders and subfolders for easy access and management.
  • Search: Find your notes with the app's powerful search functionality.
  • Sync: Sync your notes across multiple devices using iCloud to access them anytime, anywhere.
  • Dark Mode: Switch to Dark Mode for a more comfortable reading experience, especially in low-light environments.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.13 or later


Q: Is Beaver Notes free to download?
A: It is available for free download on the Mac App Store.

Q: Can I sync my notes between devices?
A: You can sync your notes across multiple devices using iCloud.

Q: Does Beaver Notes support Markdown?
A: Yes, It supports Markdown for formatting your notes.

Q: Can I attach files to my notes in Beaver Notes?
A: You can attach files such as PDFs or documents to your notes for easy reference.

Q: Is Beaver Notes compatible with macOS Catalina?
A: Yes, It is compatible with macOS Catalina and later versions.

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