Aescripts AE Shapes Blender 1.0.2 for After Effects

Aescripts AE Shapes Blender for After Effects for MacOS Download (Latest 2024) - FileCR

Free download Aescripts AE Shapes Blender for After Effects for MacOS Latest full version - Blend shapes easily in After Effects.

Free Download Aescripts AE Shapes Blender for After Effects full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It can easily blend the after-effects shape together with just a few clicks.

Overview of Mac Aescripts AE Shapes Blender for After Effects

AE Shapes Blender allows you to blend shapes easily in After Effects. Just select 2 or more shape paths and click on the button to create the blend. You can choose between advanced and simple properties to control the blend. Now, blends shapes easily in After Effects with many great features. Control the spine path the way you want them to blend and offset the paths easily. Create and animate beautiful loops.

Features of Mac Aescripts AE Shapes Blender for After Effects

Blend Methods

  • Blend Directly
  • Blend Along Spine

Advanced Properties

  • Stretch 
  • Scale
  • Offset
  • Loop
  • Fill
  • Stroke
  • Opacity
  • Twist

Replace Spine

  • Freeze/Unfreeze Blend
  • Reverse Blend Order

Other Paths Options (Applicable on any selected paths or blends)

  • Match Vertices
  • Shift Vertex
  • Reverse Paths
  • Open/Close Paths

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.9 or later
  • After Effects: 2022 or later


Q: Can I animate the paths?
A: Yes, you can easily animate the master paths using keyframes, and the blended paths will update automatically.
Make sure if you add or remove any points, then you need to click on the "Match Vertices" button to match the vertices again.

Q: How to export SVG?
A: Follow these steps to export the blended shapes in SVG and to use in other programs like Illustrator:
1. Freeze the blend using the "Freeze Blend" button in the script UI panel.
2. Use the Bodymovin extension's "SMIL (svg)" export format feature to export the blend to SVG.

Q: I have simple properties. How to update to advanced?
A: You can easily update simple controls with advanced ones and vice versa using these steps:
1. Select any blend layer.
2. Click on the "Refresh" button in the script UI to update the UI with the current blend controls.
3. Now activate or deactivate any advanced property.
4. Click the "Update" button to apply new controls to the blend.

Q: How do you switch the expression engine to make the blend work properly?
A: If you use the "Legacy ExtendScript" engine, you may need to switch to the "JavaScript" engine.
Follow these steps to switch to the JavaScript engine:

1. Go to project settings (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K) for Windows and (Command + Option + Shift + K) for Mac.
2. Go to the "Expressions" tab in the project settings dialog box.
3. Under the "Expression Engine" menu, choose "JavaSc." pt."


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