Chess Clock – Game Timer & Sta v1.6

Free Download Chess Clock - Game Timer & Sta Ad-Free MOD Version Unlocked APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Time your games the way you like by selecting any time control from long friendly games to intense tournament mode.

Overview of Chess Clock - Game Timer & Sta AdFree APK for Android

Are you tired of playing chess with no sense of time? Do you want to enhance your chess game with a professional timing tool? It is the ultimate solution you have been searching for.

Features of Chess Clock - Game Timer & Sta

  • Timer modes: Fischer, Bronstein, delay, and absolute time modes
  • Move counter: Keep track of the number of moves made
  • Game statistics: Analyze your game and see how you performed
  • Customizable settings: Set the clock to your preferred settings
  • User-friendly interface: Easy to use and understand


Q: How does the Fischer timer work?
A: The Fischer timer adds an increment of time after each move. This allows more time for thoughtful moves and helps prevent wasting time.

Q: Can I customize the timer settings?
A: Yes, It allows for customizable timer settings to meet your specific needs.

Q: How does the game statistics feature work?
A: The game statistics feature allows you to analyze your performance after each game. You can see how many moves were made, the average time per move, and other vital information to help you improve your chess game.

Q: Is it user-friendly?
A: Absolutely! The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and understand, allowing you to focus on your game and not the timer.


It is the perfect timing tool for all chess players. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this app will enhance your chess game and help you keep track of time and statistics. Try it today.


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