Free Download DOTICON - NOTHING ICON PACK Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a stylish and customizable icon pack.

Overview of DOTICON - NOTHING ICON PACK Pro APK for Android

DOTICON - NOTHING ICON PACK is a unique and stylish icon pack for Android devices. It features a minimalistic design with a dot-based icon style. The app offers a variety of customization options for users to personalize their home screen and make it their own.


  • Over 2,500 high-quality icons: The app comes with a large collection of icons for popular apps and games, as well as generic icons for system functions.
  • Dynamic calendar icons: The app supports dynamic calendar icons, which means the calendar icon on your home screen will automatically update to show the current date.
  • Regular updates: The developers of DOTICON regularly release updates to add new icons and fix any issues.
  • Icon request tool: If you can't find an icon for a specific app, you can use the icon request tool to request it from the developers.
  • Custom icon masking: The app has a custom icon masking feature, which allows you to apply the dot-based icon style to any app icon, even if it isn't included in the app.
  • Various customization options: In addition to changing the icon style, you can also customize the app drawer, folders, and the home screen grid.

System Requirements:

  • Android 4.1 and up: DOTICON is compatible with Android devices running version 4.1 and above.
  • Supported launchers: The app supports a wide range of popular launchers, including Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, ADW Launcher, and more.


Q: How do I apply the icon pack to my home screen?

A: To apply the icon pack to your home screen, you need to have a supported launcher installed on your device. Once you have installed DOTICON, go to your launcher's settings and look for the option to change the icon pack. Select DOTICON from the list of available icon packs and apply it to your home screen.

Q: Can I use the icon pack on my iOS device?

A: No, DOTICON is only available for Android devices.

Q: How do I request an icon for a specific app?

A: To request an icon for a specific app, open the DOTICON app and go to the icon request section. Type in the name of the app and submit your request. The developers will try to create an icon for the app and include it in a future update.


DOTICON - NOTHING ICON PACK is a stylish and customizable icon pack for Android devices. With its minimalistic design and regular updates, it's a great choice for users looking to personalize their home screen. The app's icon request tool and custom icon masking feature make it easy to get the icons you want, and the various customization options allow you to fully customize your home screen. Overall, DOTICON is a great app for anyone looking to give their Android device a unique and stylish look.


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