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Free download Task Hours Latest full version - Leading Time Tracking & Productivity Analysis Tool.


Free Download Yukti Solutions Task Hours for Windows PC. It is an employee monitoring and productivity tool designed to help you better track your time, work smarter, and drive team productivity.

Overview of Task Hours

It is a comprehensive solution for businesses to enhance their productivity and streamline operations. Its features empower users to monitor employee activity efficiently, analyze productivity trends, and make informed decisions to optimize workflow. It is the smartest, most intuitive employee monitoring software that enables you to save time by eliminating distractions and allows remote workforces to work at their own pace.

Automated Time Tracking

One of the key features is its automated time-tracking capability. By automatically recording the time spent on various tasks and projects, This program eliminates the need for manual time tracking, saving users valuable time and ensuring accurate timekeeping.

Automated Screen Capturing

It goes beyond traditional time tracking by offering automated screen-capturing functionality. This feature lets users capture screenshots regularly, providing insights into employee activity and ensuring accountability.

Manual Timesheets

It supports automated time tracking and manual timesheets. This feature lets users manually input time entries for tasks or projects that are not easily captured through automated monitoring, providing flexibility and customization.

Intelligent Analytics

It provides intelligent analytics tools that allow users to gain valuable insights into their team's productivity. By analyzing data such as time spent on tasks, active hours, and productivity trends, users can identify areas for improvement and optimize their workflow for maximum efficiency.

Robust Reporting

With this tool, users can generate comprehensive reports that provide a detailed employee activity and productivity overview. These reports can be customized to meet specific business needs and used to track progress, measure performance, and identify growth opportunities.

Smart Notifications

It features smart notifications informing users about important events and deadlines. Whether it's a reminder to submit timesheets or an alert for excessive screen time, it ensures that users stay on track and focused on their work.

Live Support

It offers live support to assist users with any questions or issues. Whether troubleshooting technical issues or providing guidance on using specific features, our dedicated support team is here to help.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  • Processor: Minimum 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz recommended)
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200MB or more is recommended


Task Hours is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve productivity and efficiency. Its automated time tracking, screen capturing, intelligent analytics, robust reporting, smart notifications, and live support offer everything you need to streamline your operations and drive team productivity.


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