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Free download XiaoyaLab Real PC Cleaner Latest full version - Application for cleaning and freeing up disk space.


Free Download XiaoyaLab Real PC Cleaner for Windows PC. It is the leading application for cleaning and freeing up disk space. It also provides an extensive and duplicate files finder to help you free up more space.

Overview of XiaoyaLab Real PC Cleaner

It is a comprehensive tool designed to optimize your PC's performance by efficiently cleaning up unnecessary files, identifying and removing duplicate files, and locating large files that may be taking up valuable disk space.

Efficient Disk Cleanup

With this tool, you can easily and quickly scan your computer for temporary cache, logs, and other junk files that accumulate over time and consume disk space. Removing these unnecessary files allows you to free up space on your hard drive and improve your system's overall performance.

Large Files Finder

One of the standout features is its large files finder, which allows you to identify and manage large files that are hogging disk space on your PC. Whether it's old movies, unused applications, or forgotten downloads, it helps you quickly locate and delete these space-consuming files, freeing up valuable storage space.

Duplicate Files Finder

Duplicate files can accumulate on your computer over time, taking up valuable disk space and cluttering your system. The duplicate files finder scans your computer for duplicate files based on file content, not just file names, ensuring thorough and accurate results. You can then review the duplicate files and choose to delete them to reclaim disk space.

User-Friendly Interface

It features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use. The intuitive design allows even novice users to perform advanced system optimizations efficiently. Whether cleaning up temporary files, managing large files, or removing duplicate files, it guides you through the process with clear instructions and helpful prompts.

Customizable Cleaning Options

This software offers customizable cleaning options, allowing you to tailor the cleaning process to suit your needs. You can choose to clean specific types of files, exclude certain folders from the scan, and schedule automatic cleanups to run at regular intervals. With this program, you're in control of your system's optimization.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10
  • Processor: Minimum 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz recommended)
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200MB or more is recommended


XiaoyaLab Real PC Cleaner is a powerful and effective tool for optimizing your PC's performance. With its comprehensive disk cleanup, large files finder, and duplicate files finder, you can reclaim valuable disk space and improve your system's overall speed and efficiency. It's suitable for casual users looking to free up space or power users seeking advanced optimization options.


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