WinPE Nasiboot KTV V2

WinPE Nasiboot KTV V2 Free Download - FileCR

Free Download WinPE Nasiboot KTV V2 Full Version - Latest Offline Installer - USB Multiboot Win8PE, Win10PE, Win11PE (x86/x64) kit .


Free Download WinPE Nasiboot KTV full version standalone offline installer for Windows. It is a USB Multiboot Win8PE, Win10PE, and Win11PE (x86/x64) kit.

Overview of WinPE Nasiboot KTV

This is a USB Multiboot Win8PE, Win10PE, Win11PE (x86/x64) kit integrated with over 200 software tools and recovery tools for users to recover computers that support two legacy boot standards - UEFI Support Gen 11+.

Integrations: Camera, Mtp_Phone Connection, Rndis-Share DT, Bitlocker, Direct X, Net Framework, Visual C++, Iscsi Server Connection, 50 Machine Support, Gen11, 12, AMD Raid, SMB1_Network Sharing, Sound Microphone, AutoNumlock PC or Laptop, etc.

Features of WinPE Nasiboot KTV

  • Support for iSCSI disk storage technology
  • Support SMB1 LAN Sharing
  • Support printer, fax, camera, camera
  • Support Phone Connectivity (MTP) Phone Data Exchange
  • Support connect to phone (RNDIS). General access to the telephone network
  • Support for Bitlocker and Disk Fix
  • Blooth shares support
  • Test microphone support
  • Support for Netframwork 2.0, 3.5, and 4.8 using tunneling software products
  • Fix Visual C++ version V10. Photostore launch, Office 2010
  • DirectX sound support, play games
  • Lenovo touchpad support. And Raid AMD
  • Rst V19 update for Intel 400 500 600 chip
  • Autonumpock for desktops or laptops
  • Separate integration of USB 3.1, 3.2, and M2


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