Unity Pro 2020 2.7f1

Free Download Unity Pro 2020 Support & Addons for Windows PC it is a cross-platform computer game development environment. It allows you to create applications that run on more than 20 different operating systems, including personal computers, game consoles, mobile devices, Internet applications and others.

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Overview of Unity Pro 2020 Benefits

Unity software or video games Unity3D design and manufacture a complete set, consisting of a powerful game engine and development environment programming and development. Unity easy to do because most of the games in the graphical environment and low utilization of code, many companies and encourages users to take advantage of it. Support for popular programming languages, using three-dimensional modeling software and intelligent motor outputs physics including characteristics of the Unity Pro software.

The main advantages of Unity Pro are the presence of a visual development environment, cross-platform support and a modular component system. The disadvantages include the emergence of difficulties when working with multicomponent schemes and difficulties in connecting external libraries.

Overview of Unity Pro 2020 Features

  • Visual attractive and user-friendly environment
  • Mono powerful software for editing programming languages
  • Support for programming languages ​​C #, JavaScript, and Boo
  • Ability to import the output of three-dimensional design software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, etc.
  • There are a variety of Shader, effects and visual effects High Definition
  • High-speed rendering operation
  • Full simulation and advanced types of terrain, weather, automotive and …
  • nVIDIA PhysX engine to simulate physical, speed, friction, impact, etc.
  • Take advantage of new technologies lighting and shading for moving objects

Technical Details and System Requirements

For development:
-OS:Windows 7 SP1+,8,10,64-bit versions only
Server versions of Windows & OS X are not tested.
-CPU:SSE2 instruction set support.
-GPU:Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.

The rest mostly depends on the complexity of your projects.
Additional platform development requirements:
-Android:Android SDK and Java Development Kit (JDK); IL2CPP scripting backend requires Android NDK.
Universal Windows Platform: Windows 10 (64-bit), Visual Studio 2015 with C++ Tools component or later and Windows 10 SDK

For running Unity games:

-OS:Windows 7 SP1+
-Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
-CPU:SSE2 instruction set support.
-iOS player requires iOS 9.0 or higher.
-Android:OS 4.1 or later; ARMv7 CPU with NEON support or Atom CPU; OpenGL ES 2.0 or later.
-WebGL: Any recent desktop version of Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari.
-Universal Windows Platform: Windows 10 and a graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities

previous version

Additional info
Sep 18th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2020.1.6f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2020.1.6f1
License: Full_version
Aug 7th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2020.1.1f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2020.1.1f1
License: Full_version
Jul 30th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2020.1.0f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2020.1.0f1
License: Full_version
Jun 5th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.15f1 + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.15f1
License: Full_version
May 20th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.14f1 + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.14f1
License: Full_version
May 7th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.13f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.13f1
License: Full_version
Apr 24th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.11f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.11f1
License: Full_version
Apr 17th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.10f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.10f1
License: Full_version
Apr 7th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.8f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.8f1
License: Full_version
Mar 27th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.7f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.7f1
License: Full_version
Mar 20th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.6f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.6f1
License: Full_version
Mar 16th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.5f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.5f1
License: Full_version
Mar 9th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.4f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.4f1
License: Full_version
Feb 26th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.3f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.3f1
License: Full_version
Feb 20th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.2f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.2f1
License: Full_version
Feb 17th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.1f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.1f1
License: Full_version
Jan 28th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.3.0f6 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.3.0f6
License: Full_version
Jan 22nd 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.2.19f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.2.19f1
License: Full_version
Jan 16th 2020
File Name: Unity Pro 2019.2.18f1 (x64) + Support & Addons
Version: 2019.2.18f1
License: Full_version


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