TachiSoft Shutdown 1.1.0


Free Download TachiSoft Shutdown for Windows PC. This powerful and user-friendly tool allows you to easily schedule your computer to shut down, reboot, log off, sleep, hibernate, lock the screen, and even power off automatically.

Overview of TachiSoft Shutdown

It offers a seamless way to manage your computer's power actions. Whether you want your PC to shut down at a specific time, reboot after a certain period of idle time, or enter sleep mode when CPU usage drops, this tool has you covered. It simplifies power management, making it more convenient and efficient. Notably, the tool distinguishes between the sleep and hibernate modes, giving you a better understanding of how they differ.

Schedule Your PC Tasks with Precision

This software empowers you to schedule tasks with exceptional precision. You can configure tasks to execute daily, at specific times, on particular dates, or after a manually defined time interval. It can send reminders 20 seconds before a scheduled task is executed to ensure you're prepared. If circumstances change and you need more time, you can easily delay the task by 10 minutes or up to 2 hours, providing flexibility and control over your PC's behavior.

Simple and Intuitive User Interface

Navigating its interface is a breeze. The absence of complicated menus and dialog boxes makes the experience straightforward. Divided into two panels, the interface enables you to select the desired task on the left and specify when it should be executed on the right. With this simplicity, even novice users can master the tool within seconds.

Customize with Your Preferred Skin

Personalization is key, and TachiSoft Shutdown acknowledges this by offering a variety of skins. With 13 different options, you can choose the skin that resonates with your aesthetic preferences. This feature enhances the tool's visual appeal and adds a touch of personality to your power management routine.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later


TachiSoft Shutdown is a must-have tool for optimizing your PC's power management. Its user-friendly interface, precise scheduling capabilities, customization options, and compatibility with diverse Windows versions make it a valuable addition to any computer user's toolkit.


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