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Free download Solutions Schedule .NET %%current_year%% Latest full version - Visualizing enterprise resource data.


Free Download Solutions Schedule .NET latest version offline installer for Windows. Airline Scheduling to Potato chip production Scheduling, Supply Chain Logistics to Room Booking.

Overview of Solutions Schedule .NET

This robust scheduling and resource management tool is designed to streamline your business operations. Whether you need to manage appointments, allocate resources, or create interactive calendars, this software offers a comprehensive solution. From airline Scheduling to Potato chip production Scheduling, Supply Chain Logistics to Room Booking, visualizing enterprise resources across dynamic timelines leads to successful outcomes with the right resources in the right places at the correct times.

Features of Solutions Schedule .NET

  • Set the number of Schedule Objects for One Instance of the Control  (enterprise) 
  • Set individual Time Distance Values per Schedule Object 
  • Independently set Schedule Objects Visible
  • UserDrawn Custom Areas 
  • Integrated ToolTip  
  • Watermark and User Drawn Watermarks
  • Custom Areas, vertical offsets
  • Reporting - built-in reporting, print preview, create an image, mark items as page breaks.
  • Custom reporting using Solutions Schedule .NET print document object
  • XML – write the contents of the control to an XML file and read it back at any time.
  • Selected time bar collection
  • Map Area – A visual representation of all active schedule objects placed along the top of the control for quick navigation

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more


Q: Can it be integrated into my existing software application?
A: Yes, it seamlessly integrates with popular development environments and platforms like Visual Studio, allowing for easy

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the schedules?
A: It offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the appearance and behavior of your schedules. You can customize colors, fonts, tooltips, context menus, and more, ensuring seamless integration with your application's design and branding.

Q: Does it support multiple scheduling views?
A: It provides multiple scheduling views to suit your needs. You can choose from day, week, month, and Gantt chart views, providing different levels of granularity and visualization options for your schedules.

Q: Can I manage resource allocation and conflicts using Solutions Schedule .NET?
A: It offers resource allocation capabilities. You can assign resources to specific tasks, projects, or time slots, and the software provides an overview of resource availability. It also helps you manage conflicts effectively, ensuring optimal resource utilization.


It offers a comprehensive scheduling and resource management solution for businesses. Its advanced features, customization options, and seamless integration capabilities empower you to optimize scheduling, enhance efficiency, and streamline your operations.


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