SamDrivers 21.5 Full ISO

Free Download SamDrivers 21 (x86-x64) (A collection of drivers for Windows) this collection of drivers from SamLab for all 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems Windows, from Windows 2000 to Windows 10 including server platforms.

As alternative you can also FREE download DriverPack Solution Offline Or MCS Drivers Disk

SamDrivers 21 Overview

SamDrivers is freeware driver utility created by SamLabs. It allows downloading and installation of drivers automatically. No need to search compatible drivers for your PC, manually, on Google or any other search engines. It is totally automatic with lots of cloud system base drivers that are regularly updated.

The collection includes the most current drivers on the release date collected by SamLab personally. Do not confuse this package with the Bashrat driver-packs - these drivers are newer and more stable. SamLab has long been a member of the Bashrat team having the ability to know about all the problems of similar driver packages to create their own set of the most complete and conflict-free!

Features of This Program

  • Support for 32/64-bit operating systems Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  • The maximum set of drivers for PCs and laptops on one disk
  • Automatic installation of one-touch drivers and programs
  • Express diagnostics of your computer / laptop equipment
  • Backing up the drivers installed in the system
  • Friendly and responsive multilingual interface
  • Ability to run the program from any media

previous version

Additional info
May 6th 2021
File Name: SamDrivers_21.4.iso
Version: 21.4
License: Full_version
Apr 14th 2021
File Name: SamDrivers_21.3.iso
Version: 21.3
License: Full_version
Nov 21st 2020
File Name: SamDrivers_20.11.iso
Version: 20.11
License: Full_version
Oct 5th 2020
File Name: SamDrivers_20.8.iso
Version: 20.8
License: Full_version
Feb 5th 2020
File Name: SamDrivers 20.00 (x86-x64) (A collection of drivers for Windows)
Version: 20.00
License: Full_version
Dec 28th 2019
File Name: SamDrivers 19.12 (x86-x64) (A collection of drivers for Windows)
Version: 19.12
License: Full_version
Jul 6th 2019
File Name: SamDrivers 19.6 (x86-x64) (A collection of drivers for Windows)
Version: 19.6
License: Full_version
May 31st 2019
File Name: SamDrivers 19.5 (x86-x64) (A collection of drivers for Windows)
Version: 19.5
License: Freeware
Mar 29th 2019
File Name: SamDrivers 19.3 (x86-x64) (A collection of drivers for Windows)
Version: 19.3
License: Freeware
Jan 21st 2019
File Name: SamDrivers 19.0 (x86-x64) (A collection of drivers for Windows)
Version: 19.00
License: Full_version
Oct 4th 2018
File Name: SamDrivers 18.10 (x86-x64)
Version: 18.10
License: Freeware


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April 28, 2021

Version : 20.8




April 16, 2021

Version : 21.3

HI GUYS … wich one is better ? SamDrivers or DriverPack



March 6, 2020

Version : 20.00

Please what version of driverpack solution(DPS) can be found in samdrivers 20.0