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Free download RUNET FRAME2Dexpress 16.08.2023 Latest full version - Efficient 2D Structural Analysis Software.


Free Download RUNET FRAME2Dexpress for Windows PC. This exceptional program offers static and dynamic analysis capabilities, making it an essential tool for engineers and designers.

Overview of RUNET FRAME2Dexpress

This software is designed to analyze the behavior of 2-dimensional framed structures under various loading conditions. Whether dealing with distributed or nodal dead and live loads, it has you covered. This program adheres to Eurocode 1 standards, allowing you to apply load combinations using custom coefficients.

The computations provided by the program include internal forces and diagrams for displacements, bending moments, shear forces, and axial forces. Moreover, if you're interested in dynamic analysis, it can compute eigenfrequencies and mode shapes, comprehensively understanding your structure's behavior.

Simplified Structural Definition

One of the standout features of the software is its user-friendly structure definition process. You have two options: use the structure prototype wizard with 21 pre-defined types of frames or define the structure yourself by inputting nodal coordinates and element connectivity. As you enter data, the graphical representation of the structure appears in real-time, ensuring that you're on the right track.

Effortless Support Conditions and Cross-Sections

Defining support conditions is a breeze thanks to the intuitive graphical menu. Cross sections are equally easy to define by inputting area and inertia properties or by specifying dimensions for rectangular, T, or L-type sections. For steel structures, the program includes lists of every available nominal steel profile with their respective properties, simplifying the design process.

Flexible Load Handling

It enables you to handle various loads with flexibility. Nodal loads come with dead and live components, catering to different scenarios. When it comes to element-distributed loads—uniform, triangular, or parabolic—you can choose to include or exclude self-weight. Notably, you can specify the direction of element-distributed loads—vertical, horizontal, or perpendicular to the elements—adding another layer of customization to your analysis.

Tailored Material Properties and Mass Combinations

The program lets you pick material properties from a menu, streamlining the input process. Nodal masses, corresponding to dead or live loading, can be defined. You also control mass combination coefficients for nodal and element-distributed masses, accounting for dead and live weights.

Insightful Reports

It provides detailed reports that go beyond the basics. In addition to bending moments, shear forces, and axial forces, the reports also include values of deformations for every element. This comprehensive information gives you a holistic view of your structure's behavior.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later


RUNET FRAME2Dexpress is a remarkable program that empowers engineers and designers with the tools to perform static and dynamic analysis on 2-dimensional framed structures. Its user-friendly interface, flexible load handling, and insightful reports make it an indispensable asset in structural analysis. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice, its simplicity and efficiency will streamline your workflow and enhance your understanding of structural behavior.


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