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Free download Rainbow Analyst add-in Professional Latest full version - Four Excel Auditing Tools in One Software.


Free Download Rainbow Analyst add-in Professional for Windows PC. Its powerful use of color coding combines various top-tier spreadsheet auditing tools into a cohesive package. This add-in for Excel™ offers over 50 analysis options, formula grouping, comparison tools, and a unique set of cleanup utilities that can even repair Excel's underlying XML files.

Overview of Rainbow Analyst add-in Professional

It is a comprehensive Excel add-in that integrates auditing functionalities, aiding in spreadsheet analysis, comparison, and cleanup. Its core features include:

Summary Report

The Summary Report provides an overview of a workbook, offering detailed information about the Excel file, the entire workbook, and individual sheets. It quickly assesses the spreadsheet's quality, highlighting significant issues impacting the overall rating.

Password Tool

This tool proves invaluable when dealing with protected worksheets where passwords have been forgotten. It allows for the removal of protection by deleting sheet or workbook passwords, resolving access issues efficiently.

Structure Map

Visualizing the workbook's structure, the Structure Map presents an intuitive diagram showcasing interlinked sheets and logic flows between them. Circles represent sheets, providing insights into data types and logic connections via color-coding.

Formula Scan

This function generates a detailed report of the spreadsheet's unique formulas and potential issues. It highlights inconsistencies and copied formulas, aiding in error identification and resolution.

Initial Overview Functions

Under the Initial Overview group, functions like Security Manager, Calc Manager, Inter-Sheet Logic, and Data Links assist in managing security, controlling calculations, and tracking inter-spreadsheet links.

Sample Data

Helpful in auditing data, the Sample Data function facilitates sample selection based on random, periodic, or conditional criteria, providing a sample size calculator for result confidence.

Data Explorer

This function helps comprehend various data representations in Excel, revealing hidden connections and pivot caches and offering insights into underlying data structures.

Cell Inspector

With this tool, trace precedents and dependents of cells, understand their meanings, and navigate through the spreadsheet's logic and formulas effectively.

Risk Map

Highlighting potential risks within the spreadsheet, the Risk Map function identifies problematic cells and formulas, providing color-coded visual cues and comprehensive reports.

Detailed Analysis Functions

Under the Detailed Analysis group, functions such as Comments Report, Macro Explorer, Find Cells, and Logic Analysis offer detailed insights into workbook elements for thorough auditing.

Quick Cleanup

Preparing a workbook for analysis becomes simple with Quick Cleanup, combining various operations to optimize the workbook for further auditing.

Deep Clean

This function goes beyond conventional tools, editing the spreadsheet file directly on disk to fix deep-seated corruption issues.

Comparison Toolbox

Ideal for version control, the Comparison Toolbox allows for comparison between sheets or workbooks, aiding in thorough analysis and management of multiple versions.

Management & Cleanup Functions

Under this category, functions like Save Format, Undo Changes, and File Save As aid in managing and undoing Rainbow's alterations in the workbook.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  • Processor: Minimum 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz recommended)
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 100MB or more is recommended
  • Microsoft Excel: 2000 and above


Rainbow Analyst add-in Professional offers a comprehensive suite of auditing tools for Excel, facilitating detailed analysis, comparison, and cleanup of spreadsheets. Its array of functions simplifies complex auditing tasks, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in spreadsheet management and analysis. Whether identifying issues, managing security, or optimizing workbook structures, It is a powerful aid for Excel users seeking thorough spreadsheet auditing capabilities.


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