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Free download PrintOnly Latest version - Tool for Secure and Controlled Document Printing.

Free Download PrintOnly for Windows PC. It is a robust software designed to impose restrictions on document printing, allowing exclusive printing through physical USB printers and preventing document viewing or editing. Its unique ".POF" format and dedicated client program enhance document security and control.

Overview of PrintOnly

It is a potent tool, prioritizing document security by confining printing capabilities solely to physical USB printers. It supports various document formats, such as PDF, MS Word, and Excel, and images like JPG/PNG/TIF, TXT, PowerPoint, RTF, and more. The software introduces a distinctive ".POF" (PrintOnly File) format, impervious to viewing or modification, ensuring documents can only be printed via PrintOnlyClient with physical USB printers.

Protect Files from Modification

It prevents document modification before printing, obstructing virtual printers that intercept and alter documents pre-print.

Limit Prints per Computer

This feature empowers users to restrict the times a document can be printed on a specific computer, curbing the risk of unlimited printouts.

Watermark Support

Adding an extra layer of security and traceability, the software enables watermarking, aiding in source identification for potential leaks.

Printing Restriction to USB Printers

Only allowing printing through physical USB printers thwarts unauthorized printing attempts.

Set Document Print Expiry

Control the printing timeline by setting document print expiry dates, ensuring adherence to printing deadlines.

POF File Creation

It seamlessly converts various document formats into POF files, maintaining stringent security measures.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Processor: Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM: Minimum of 2GB RAM
  • Disk Space: At least 200MB of available disk space


PrintOnly emerges as a critical tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking enhanced document security and control. Its ability to restrict printing solely to physical USB printers, prevent document modifications pre-print, and impose limits on print counts per computer ensures unparalleled security for sensitive documents. Including watermark support and the capability to set print expiry dates further fortify its utility in safeguarding document integrity by converting documents into the impervious ".POF" format; it secures data against unauthorized access or alterations.


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