Vue R6.1 Build 6005878 PlantFactory & Extra 2021.1

Vue R6.1 Build 6005878 PlantFactory & Extra 2021.1

Free Download Vue R6.1 Build 6005878 PlantFactory & Extra 2021.1 Full Version Offline Installer - The Best 3D Plant Technology on Earth!

Free Download E-on Software Vue with PlantFactory 2021 & Content Plant Factory Producer 2016 for Windows it is packed with amazing features that deliver unsurpassed realism and performance. An essential tool for any VFX pipeline, PlantFactory will have you creating stunning digital art in a flash!

As alternative you can also FREE download iToo Forest Pack Pro for 3DS Max

Overview of Vue with PlantFactory 2021 & Content Benefits

Because we understand that our tools will find their place with bigger arsenal in your pipeline, we made sure that what you do in PlantFactory does not merely stay in PlantFactory!

Plant Factory Producer also offers a variety of export presets, custom tailored for specific host applications. Such presets include export for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D, LightWave, Modo, ZBrush, Unity, Unreal, Blender, and more…

This program plants will automatically adapt their resolution with distance, through a dynamic LOD system, making them perfect for Hero plants, foreground, mid-ground and background placements in your compositions.

Plants are exported fully rigged, fully textured, with UV maps and displacement, and with all their LODs. Breeze or wind animated plants can be exported as a fully rigged mesh or as a cloud of animated vertices (MDD style).

You can fine-tune the animation of rigged mesh plants directly inside your target 3D application.

As alternative you can also FREE download Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D

Overview of E-on Software Vue with PlantFactory 2021 & Content Features

  • Vastly improved display speed and UI responsiveness
  • New mouse-centered and advanced target-centered scene navigation modes
  • Several improvements on MetaCloud technology
  • Up to 6x faster EcoSystem cache generation
  • 10% faster rendering of very large EcoSystem populations
  • EcoSystem populations with native instances in 3dsMax, Maya and Cinema4D
  • VUE xStream now supports LightWave 2018
  • New diamond leaves node
  • Seasonal material editor
  • Many Flower node improvements
  • Industry standard shortcuts (Alt based navigation)

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Windows 64 bit (Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10)
  • We recommend a graphics card containing at least 4 GB of VRAM with a 3D Mark score of 10,000 or better
  • Multi-core CPU (Intel QuadCore, Core I7, or Mac Pro), AVX compliant
  • 8+ GB of free RAM
  • 16 GB of free Hard Disk space.

Compatible hosts:

  • Autodesk Maya 2015-2020
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2016-2021
  • Maxon Cinema 4D R16-S22
  • Newtek LightWave 11.6-2019

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:Vue R5.1 Build 5003965 SP + PlantFactory & Extra 2020
File Name:Vue R4 Build 4003044 + PlantFactory & Extra 2019
File Name:Vue R3 Build 3002553 + PlantFactory & Extra 2019
File Name:Vue with PlantFactory & Content
File Name:Plant Factory Producer 2016 R2 104398


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