Nasiboot Edition Win10PE 1Click

Nasiboot Edition Win10PE 1Click Free Download - FileCR

Free Download Nasiboot Edition Win10PE 1Click Full Version - Latest Offline Installer - A version for integrating hard drives for computers .


Free Download Nasiboot Edition Win10PE 1Click full version standalone offline installer for Windows. This is a version for integrating hard drives into computers to recover and install Windows whenever a computer has a hardware failure problem.

Overview of Nasiboot Edition Win10PE 1Click

This version integrates the main features of the genuine Windows, which is integrated with basic and advanced features for casual and professional users because it's as easy as one click.

The Nasiboot Edition is written with code that identifies the computer you use as Bios or UEFI to integrate the complex drive standard. You no longer have problems when checking Bios before creating a boot like Zenboot.

Basic Functions:

  • Support for loading Legacy and UEFI standards by Microsoft standards
  • Run the setup.exe file from the installer that supports Gen 11,12 and skip Bypass Window11
  • Win10PE was built from Windows 21H2 19044 Professional Media
  • Get sound on Gen11 and 12 with Touchpad integration on all new models
  • Automatically receive Wi-Fi and enter the password if the password is saved on the device
  • Super small WinPE kernel and speedy loading takes up 1 write RAM

Features of Nasiboot Edition Win10PE 1Click

  • All software is newly updated and integrated with new software code
  • Microsoft Net Framework and complex C++ integration no longer eats Ram
  • Support to run as administrator to run server management software or Unpack Crack
  • Integrated Camera, Ultrawier, Team Viewer, Microphone, Mstsc, etc
  • Supports phone connection and network sharing from phone to computer
    – Supports iSCSI disk storage technology to connect to the server
  • Phone connection support (MTP) Share data by phone
  • Support for telephone connection (RNDIS). Shared telephone network
  • Support for Bitlocker unlock (dongle needed) and disk repair
  • Support DrexX sound, play games (install Vga driver)
  • Support on Lenovo Touchpad and Raid AMD
  • Update more Rst V19 for Intel 400 500 600 generation chip
  • Autonumpok desktop or laptop
  • Integrated USB 3.1, 3.2, and M2 separately
  • Integrated more displays to support high resolution


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