ML Sound Lab Amped ML5 2 v2.0.0

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Free download ML Sound Lab Amped ML5 2 v2.0.0 Latest full version - 9 Californian Amp Sims In One Guitar Plugin.

Free Download ML Sound Lab Amped ML5 for Windows PC. It is a remarkable guitar plugin that brings the essence of Californian amp history straight to your fingertips. This powerhouse plugin offers nine distinct amp sims that cover a wide range of tones, from pristine cleans to aggressive high gains.

Overview of ML Sound Lab Amped ML5

It is not just your average guitar plugin; it's a comprehensive collection of 9 amp simulations, each meticulously designed to capture the essence of Californian guitar amp history. These amps are more than just digital recreations; they incorporate ML Sound Lab's Vorna Amp Modeling technology, delivering a sound indistinguishable from real tube amplifiers.

Featured Amps

  • ML5 Clean | Pristine Clean: Perfect for crystal-clear tones and beautiful cleans.
  • ML5 Fat | Full Clean: A clean sound with a touch of fullness and warmth.
  • ML5 Tweed | Vintage Overdrive: Emulates the vintage overdriven sound of classic tweed amps.
  • ML5 Edge | British Rock: Captures the iconic British rock sound with an edgy twist.
  • ML5 Crunch | Modern Rock: Offers a modern rock crunch perfect for riff-heavy tunes.
  • ML1 | Smooth Leads: Designed for smooth and expressive lead guitar playing.
  • ML2C+ | Tight High Gain: Delivers tight high-gain tones with precision and clarity.
  • ML4 | Modern High Gain: Provides a modern high-gain sound for heavy genres.
  • ML5 Extreme | Aggressive High Gain: For those who crave aggressive and intense high-gain tones.

Pedalboard and Effects Galore

It has a pedalboard featuring high-quality effects pedals and studio effects. The included pedals are:

  • Noise Gate: Keep unwanted noise at bay for a clean signal.
  • Compressor: Add dynamics and sustain to your playing.
  • Drive Pedal: Shape your tone with a versatile overdrive pedal.
  • Chorus: Create lush and spatial guitar sounds.
  • Analog Delay: Achieve warm and classic delay effects. • Reverb: Add depth and ambiance to your sound.

Standalone and Tuner

It has a standalone MIDI-controllable and stage-ready program for those who want to take their performance to the stage. Additionally, the plugin features a reliable and precise guitar tuner section, ensuring that you're always in tune and ready to rock.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  • Audio: Standalone/VST3/AU


The ML Sound Lab Amped ML5 2 is a revolutionary tool for guitarists and musicians who desire a diverse and genuine guitar sound. Its nine distinct amp sims, customizable cab options, pedalboard with effects, and standalone capabilities offer a complete package for crafting your ideal sound. Whether after pristine cleans or aggressive high gains, it delivers it all.


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