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Free download KDE KStars Latest version - Simulation of the night sky from any location on Earth.


Free Download of KDE KStars for Windows PC. This powerful and versatile astronomy software offers many features for enthusiasts, students, and educators.

Overview of KDE KStars

KStars provides users with a detailed and interactive night sky simulation. Its intuitive interface allows users to navigate the universe and explore different celestial objects and phenomena. Whether you're a seasoned astronomer or just starting out, KStars offers something for everyone. Its accurate graphical simulation of the night sky to its support for various astronomical calculations, KStars is an essential tool for anyone interested in exploring the cosmos.

Key Features

  • Accurate Sky Simulation: KStars offers a realistic depiction of the night sky, including up to 100 million stars, 13,000 deep-sky objects, all 8 planets, the Sun and Moon, comets, asteroids, supernovae, and satellites.
  • Customizable Views: Users can adjust the simulation to view the sky from any location on Earth at any date and time. This allows for personalized observations based on specific interests or events.
  • Educational Tools: KStars provides adjustable simulation speeds for students and teachers, making it easier to observe phenomena over long timescales. The KStars Astrocalculator also enables users to predict conjunctions and perform astronomical calculations.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: KStars is freely licensed and open-source, making it accessible to users on multiple platforms.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10
  • Processor: Minimum 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz recommended)
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 500MB or more is recommended


KDE KStars is a comprehensive astronomy software that offers users a rich and immersive experience. Whether you're exploring the night sky for educational purposes or simply for the joy of discovery, KStars has everything you need to embark on your cosmic journey.


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