Kazrog Avalon VT-747SP 1.0.1

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Free download Kazrog Avalon VT-747SP 1.0.1 Latest full version - An analog icon redefined for today's producer.

Free Download Kazrog Avalon VT-747SP for Windows PC. It is a powerful digital tool that combines the vintage charm of a tube/discrete modeled Class A opto-compressor and a versatile six-band program equalizer. It also offers output level and gain reduction metering, making it an exceptional choice for audio applications like signal conditioning, stereo bus compression and EQ, stereo keyboards, and mastering tasks.

Overview of the Kazrog Avalon VT-747SP

This software was meticulously crafted based on the hardware version, with Kazrog studying multiple Avalon units throughout 2022 and 2023. The outcome is a highly precise digital emulation of its renowned analog hardware, representing a milestone in digital modeling.

Dynamic Control Mastery

It provides extensive dynamic control, allowing users to transition seamlessly from soft compression to hard-knee limiting. This versatility is achieved through master threshold, compression ratio, attack, and release controls, providing a comprehensive range of sonic possibilities.

Gain Reduction at a Glance

The software features an analog-style VU meter that displays gain reduction, allowing you to monitor the impact of your adjustments in real time visually. This adds a tactile element to your audio manipulation process.

Enhanced Frequency Dependent Compression

You can integrate frequency-dependent compression into the internal side-chain path with the Low and High-Frequency (LF and HF) contour parametric spectral controls. This feature offers variable frequency and threshold levels, enabling precise control over the compression process.

Creative Monitoring with SC LISTEN

The SC LISTEN switch provides a side chain listen mode, facilitating easy monitoring and opening doors to creative EQ applications. This empowers you to experiment with unique soundscapes.

Natural Tone Shaping with Graphic EQ

It boasts a six-band graphic EQ that emulates the smooth characteristics of an all-passive design. The careful selection of frequency turnover, Q, and amplitude ranges for each band ensures a natural harmonic balance with minimal phase changes, providing effective yet simple tone control.

Versatile EQ Placement

You can place the graphic EQ before or after the compressor, enhancing the software's versatility. This enables you to explore various tonal possibilities and find the perfect balance for your audio.

TSP for Sonic Flexibility

The Tube Signal Path (TSP) feature offers two distinct sonic flavors. You can opt for the warmth of tube tone, utilizing virtual high-voltage dual triode tubes. Alternatively, the classic Class A discrete transistor sound can be harnessed, employing virtual discrete transistor amplifiers for the primary opto buffers and output stages.

System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 or higher
  • VST3, VST2, or AAX (64-bit) compatible host software
  • Pro Tools 12 or higher for the AAX version
  • Intel i5 "Ivy Bridge" CPU or better (strongly recommended)


In audio processing, the Kazrog Avalon VT-747SP stands tall as a remarkable achievement in digital modeling. Its rich feature set, dynamic control, and tonal shaping capabilities make it an indispensable tool for audio engineers, producers, and musicians. Whether aiming for subtle warmth or intricate sonic sculpting, it offers an authentic and powerful solution that faithfully captures the essence of its analog predecessor.


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